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Facebook Sales Leap, Amid a Growing Mobile Ad Business

Mobile ad sales comprised nearly 60 percent of the company's total ad sales Full Story »

Google Will Push Mobile App Installs in Search and Youtube

The company's program works similarly to others offered by Facebook and Twitter


Twitter Readies Design Changes As It Unveils New Ad Offerings

Twitter has taken a slow approach in the rollout of new ad products and changes to the user interface, but that's beginning to change. Following its deeper integration with MoPub, Twitter is expected to reveal a series of new ad products alongside a refined and more feature-rich user experience.


Google Opens the Floodgates for New 'social' Ads

Participating businesses can now distribute their Google+ posts across the Web

How To

14 Tips for Creating Business Videos Customers Will Want to Watch

Video marketing and communications experts share their top tips on how to create a business video that will get maximum views and shares -- with no cats involved.


How marketers lost faith in Facebook

Businesses that advertise on Facebook show signs of growing frustration


Microsoft Tightens Restrictions on Adware on Windows PCs

Starting July 1, developers of adware for Windows will have to contend with new Microsoft-imposed rules aimed at making it easier for people to stop bothersome ads.


More Ads Are Coming to Twitter--A Lot More

I suppose Twitter has to make money somehow. According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, the company is expected to roll out 15 new kinds of ads over the next six months or so.


Facebooks Declining Organic Reach a 'Real Nightmare' for Marketers

Marketers and analysts are crying foul as Facebook continues to tweak its algorithm that determines what content makes it into the News Feed. The organic reach of brand pages is now barely hitting 6 percent, but brands expect it to decline even further and faster going forward.


Ad Tracking: Is Anything Being Done?

With online tracking on the rise and Do Not Track efforts moving ahead slowly, users and browser vendors have been taking matters into their own hands.


Twitter Looks to Cash in on TV-related Tweets Overseas

Two acquisitions could help Twitter develop new advertising partnerships overseas, one expert said


Inside the Shadowy World of Data Brokers

Data brokers operate in the shadows of the Internet. Most consumers are unaware or unsure how to put restrictions of their activity. In fact, one U.S. senator called these companies and their practices 'the dark underside of American life.'


AOL Sharpens Advertising Ambitions with its One Platform

The One platform offers an enhanced form of automated ad-buying


Tweets About TV Programs Prove Twitter's Earned Media Value

New industry research, commissioned by Twitter, Fox and the Advertising Research Foundation, reports that social activity around television is still mostly a live event as 72 percent of users who tweet about TV do so while watching a live broadcast.


Yahoo CEO Talks Mobile, Advertising and Tumblr

In a keynote before leading advertising and marketers professionals, Marissa Mayer details Yahoo's growth on mobile and its new advertising options -- and talks up Tumblr.