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Will the Internet of Things Become the Internet of Broken Things?

Fifty billion devices will connect to the Internet in the next few years. It's up to vendors to make sure they do, in fact, connect to the Internet -- and provide reliable data, security and customer experience. Otherwise, analysts warn, the future may bring an Internet of Broken Things. Full Story »

Twitter Brings the Data Back Home By Acquiring Gnip

Twitter is acquiring longtime data analysis provider Gnip

How To

4 Qualities to Look for in a Data Scientist

Every business, it seems, needs a data scientist, but not everyone knows what to look for. The four qualities of a good data scientist described here will help you first write a job description and then evaluate candidates for your data scientist vacancy.


How marketers lost faith in Facebook

Businesses that advertise on Facebook show signs of growing frustration


New Amazon Toolset Tracks Cloud Spending

Cost Explorer lets companies track what Amazon charges using pre-configured and customized reports


Teradata's Querygrid to Power Multi-database Analytics

Teradata version 15 adds support for 'Internet of things' standard JSON


How Big Data Helped the Norman Rockwell Museum Grow Revenue

With the help of DigiWorksCorp, the Norman Rockwell Museum leveraged its transactional data and big data analytics to increase second-time purchasers by 150 percent and revenue by 49 percent.


AOL Sharpens Advertising Ambitions with its One Platform

The One platform offers an enhanced form of automated ad-buying


Bitcoin's Backers Know They Need to Win You Over

New applications are needed for wider acceptance, investors recently said


Business Groups See IT Shops as Roadblocks to Data Analytics Projects

Business groups in a growing number of companies appear to be plowing ahead on data analytics projects with little input or help from their own IT organizations.


Swap Agreement Aims to Protect Bitcoin Holders From the Next Crash

A framework for Bitcoin derivatives seeks to guard against price swings


Worried About the Government? Internet Giants Also Dip Their Hands in the Cookie Jar

Internet companies can access your data even as they secure it from intrusion by others


Big Data Analytics: the Future of IT Security?

Big data analytics tools will be crucial to enterprise security as criminals deploy faster and more sophisticated attacks in attempts to steal sensitive data, according to security firm RSA.

News Feature

Are Apple and Gartner Afraid of Analytics?

In theory, analytics should help firms make key business decisions. In practice, companies ignore analytics because it's likely to tell them the bad news they don't want to hear. This week, the actions of Gartner and Apple illustrated this point to columnist Rob Enderle.


Fitbit Sued Over Rashes Experienced By Bracelet Wearers

The startup misled consumers in the promotion of its Force device, the suit alleges