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Report: Facebook About to Enter E-money Market in Europe

The company is soon to become a registered e-money firm in Ireland, paving the way into the EU Full Story »
How To

14 Tips for Creating Business Videos Customers Will Want to Watch

Video marketing and communications experts share their top tips on how to create a business video that will get maximum views and shares -- with no cats involved.


Social network acted like a jerk, faces FTC complaint

A social network labeled people as jerks and charged them to contact customer service and change their profiles, the agency says


Bitcoin Akin to the Internet 20 Years Ago, Digital Currency Executive Says

Bitcoin today is like the Internet of 20 years ago, showing immense promise but in need of much more development, a digital currency executive said Monday, kicking off the Inside Bitcoins conference.


How Big Data Helped the Norman Rockwell Museum Grow Revenue

With the help of DigiWorksCorp, the Norman Rockwell Museum leveraged its transactional data and big data analytics to increase second-time purchasers by 150 percent and revenue by 49 percent.

CEO Letter

Retail Must Reinvent Itself for the Omnichannel Future

IDG Communications CEO Michael Friedenberg offers his take on the latest IDC predictions about retail customers, big data, supply chain and more 


Alibaba Invests $692 Million for a Presence in Physical Retail

Alibaba said it is acquiring a stake in department store operator Intime Retail


Fashion Retailer Adds 'Tech Tables' to Stores

Chico's, a women’s clothing retailer, is adding in-store 'tech tables' and a digital magazine to flesh out its omnichannel strategy


Bitcoin's Backers Know They Need to Win You Over

New applications are needed for wider acceptance, investors recently said


Swap Agreement Aims to Protect Bitcoin Holders From the Next Crash

A framework for Bitcoin derivatives seeks to guard against price swings


Mt. Gox Finds $116m Worth of Bitcoins

The exchange filed for bankruptcy protection stating that 850,000 bitcoins had disappeared


What's the Problem with DMCA Takedown Notices?

Participants in a US government discussion on the notice-and-takedown process disagree on a direction

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3 Ways Technology Improves Road Race Registration

Like most previously paper processes, road race registration has moved online. This offers convenience to runners, but it can be a headache for unprepared race directors. Here's how three organizations handle the traffic, testing and analysis of their runner registration systems.


Does Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto Have a Case Against Newsweek?

This week's emphatic denial from Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto that he had anything to do with the creation of Bitcoin also hinted at a possible lawsuit against Newsweek, though legal experts say it would be an uphill battle.


Bitcoin's Software Gets Security Fixes, New Features

Bitcoin-QT, rebranded as Bitcoin Core, has more than six fixes for the so-called transaction malleability problem