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Broadband Faces a Fork in the Road

As Google and AT&T race to provide super-fast 1 gigabit fiber networks to power users, more than a quarter of U.S. homes still have no broadband service at all. Full Story »
News analysis

5 Technology Initiatives and Reforms IT Wants in Washington

Leaders from Microsoft, Cisco and other tech players are pressing their agenda as they meet with the White House and Congress this week. Some initiatives have been years in the making -- and will take many more years to see through -- but other reforms may not be far off.


Gov't Push for Broadband Access Yields Gains; Data Privacy Still a Challenge

President Obama's National Broadband Plan has helped expand Internet access in the U.S., but needs to be updated to account better data protection needs.


Carriers Seek to Prune U.S. Broadband Plans

Are high costs forcing carriers to quietly push for new rules that would scale back FCC plan to bring broadband to rural areas?


Inside the Tiny Kansas Town Battling Cable Lobbyists Over Municipal Broadband

When the Kansas state senate proposed legislation barring local governments from providing high-speed Internet to their citizens, one small community, which was effectively exempt from the legislation, spoke out the loudest.


10 Cities That Provide 1-Gig Internet Services

Municipal broadband is becoming a contentious issue in the race to establish ubiquitous high-speed Internet throughout the United States.


Net Neutrality Ruling Unlikely to Immediately Impact Broadband Market

Despite a big win in a federal appeals court, Internet service providers are unlikely to make dramatic changes in the network access given to content providers such as ESPN, Facebook and Netflix, experts say.


Superfast Broadband Just About Promotes Economic Growth

An academic study out today suggests that businesses create jobs and grow faster as a result of broadband improvements. However, the findings suggest that access to high speed internet connections may simply be the price of staying in business, rather than delivering a fundamental transformation of a local economy.


New Verizon Broadband Router Supports Data and Voice

Verizon Wireless today announced a new broadband router that works over its LTE network and allows voice and data connectivity for the home or small business.


Mockumentary Skewers ISPs as Verizon-FCC Net Neutrality Case Goes to Court

A new mockumentary posted on YouTube and backed by a group of net neutrality advocates makes the case that the FCC is right and Verizon is wrong in a fight that today goes to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.


Gigabit-Boosted DSL Internet Standard Could be Ready in 2014, ITU Says

A broadband standard that aims to support bandwidth-intensive applications such as streaming Ultra-HDTV movies without the need to install fiber between the distribution point and people's homes met its first-stage approval, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) said on Tuesday.

Advice & Opinion

We Should Promote Broadband Pricing Innovation

Experimentation with pricing structures will let the broadband providers -- and their customers -- test new business models without regulatory interference.


FCC Moves Toward New Airplane Broadband Service

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has taken a major step toward helping more airlines offer in-cabin wireless broadband, with the agency voting Thursday to explore using new spectrum for air-to-ground broadband service.


Comcast to IPv6-Enable Commercial Broadband Service

Comcast plans to expand its IPv6-based offerings for business customers with the launch of commercial broadband and Metro Ethernet services that support the next-gen Internet Protocol later this year.


Carrier Solutions for Areas Without Adequate Wireless Service

How are the four major telecommunications carriers handling underserved rural areas?