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Attackers have Their Sights Set on the Cloud

The Spring 2014 Alert Logic Cloud Security Report reveals a rise in brute force against cloud infrastructures and services. Full Story »

Russian SMS Trojan for Android Hits US, Dozens of Other Countries

Android malware that sends text messages to premium-rate numbers expanded globally over the past year, researchers warn


Cloud Attacks Are Following Enterprise Workloads

As more enterprise workloads shift to cloud and hosting environments, cyberattacks that have traditionally targeted on-premises data centers -- such as brute force attacks and vulnerability scans -- are following them to the Web.

Top Line Interview

Self-Taught Hackers Rule

Ilio Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge, a Swiss information security company, gave the keynote address on governments' role in cybersecurity this past Sunday at the Regional cybersecurity Summit in Oman.

News analysis

Healthcare IT Security Brings Challenges, Opportunities, but No Big Surprises

Recent pan-industry data breach reports from Symantec and Verizon Business largely confirm what healthcare already knows about the root cause of its data breaches. But how can organizations step up to improve security?


Verizon Breach Report Makes Case for Behavioral Analytics

Verizon's annual data-breach investigations report makes a strong case for behavioral analytics technology that looks for anomalies among user activity to spot hackers.

Advice & Opinion

Heartbleed Bled Out and Now, an Arrest

The RCMP have managed to track down and arrest the first ne'er do well in London, Ontario. The RCMP have not indicated how they managed to puzzle out who attacked the Canada Revenue Agency. I am curious myself but, not for the same reasons. I'm curious what led a 19 year old from Southern Ontario to think that activity was acceptable.


NSA Spying Revelations have Tired Out China's Huawei

Huawei has for years fought off allegations that it spies for China


Coding Error Protects Some Android Apps From Heartbleed

A few office-productivity apps are protected from Heartbleed thanks to a mistake


Apple Patches Secure Transport, But Not Because of Heartbleed

Apple today issued a security-only update for OS X, patching 25 vulnerabilities in Mavericks, its newest operating system, and 7 bugs in older editions.


While Heartbleed Distracts, Hackers Hit US Universities

As many as 250,000 people could be affected by a wave of attacks not using Heartbleed


Google Reportedly Wants to Make Email Encryption Easier, But Don't Hold Your Breath

Email encryption is a great way to keep snoops out. Too bad it's not a realistic option as a built-in feature for Gmail.


You Got Spam Mail: Slew of AOL Email Accounts Fall Prey to Spoofing Attack

The undead are rising from their graves--or at least a legion of long-forgotten AOL email addresses are.


Search and Rescue Group Sues FAA Over Drone Use

A battle for rights to U.S. airspace is brewing between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and organizations looking to operate small, unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, for commercial and other purposes.


BlackBerry Releases BES 10 Security Update to Address 'Heartbleed' Flaw

BlackBerry's BES 10 software was updated on Tuesday to fix a security issue related to the "Heartbleed" OpenSSL vulnerability.