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How to Keep Your Smartphone (and its Data) Secure

These tips and tools can help you keep your smartphone close, and protect your data if it strays. Full Story »

Web Apps and Point-of-sale Were Leading Hacker Targets in 2013, Says Verizon

The telco's annual data breach report incorporates data from more sources than ever before


SEC Seeks Data on Cybersecurity Policies at Wall Street Firms

The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to review the cyber defenses of 50 Wall Street broker-dealers and investment advisers to determine whether they are prepared for potential cyber threats.


Netcraft Tool Flags Websites Affected By Heartbleed

The new browser plug-in can identify Web sites that maybe vulnerable to the OpenSSL bug

Top Line Interview

How a Cyber Cop Patrols the Underworld of Ecommerce

Melissa Andrews, a resident of Canada, is a cyber security "cop" for Payza, an international e-commerce payment platform operating in 97 countries. Her job, described by the company's public relations firm as "the worst security job on the Internet," is to protect the public from illegal, and many times revolting, content, by shutting the sites down and alerting authorities about criminal activity. She spoke with CSO this week about her job and why she is proud of what she does.


Lavaboom builds encrypted webmail service to resist snooping

The service has started accepting registrations for its upcoming beta testing period

Advice & Opinion

Big Data Security Context

I just finished up a lengthy tour through Latin America and Asia, as described in many of my latest blogs. Most recently I was in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). I had the opportunity to work with various government agencies, organizations within critical infrastructure and general enterprise businesses across ANZ. Their primary topic of interest: big data. More specifically, they were interested in determining what needs to be part of a successful big data security strategy.


Truecrypt Source Code Audit Finds No Critical Flaws Or Intentional Backdoors

Some vulnerabilities were identified but are likely accidental, security auditors from iSEC Partners said


Google Said to Be Eyeing a Boost to Encrypted Sites in Search Results

The move, in early discussions, would add a layer of security for Web users


AT&T Hacker Weev Released From Prison After Appeals Court Overturns Conviction

A federal appeals court has ruled that the venue for Auernheimer's prosecution wasn't appropriate


Tests Confirm Heartbleed Bug Can Expose Server's Private Key

CloudFlare said its challenge shows how dangerous is the OpenSSL bug


As Companies Grow, Managing Risks Gets More Complex

Size matters when it comes to security, according to Davi Ottenhelmer. Ottenhelmer, senior director of trust at EMC, titled his presentation at SOURCE Boston Wednesday, "Delivering Security at Big Data Scale," and began with the premise that, "as things get larger, a lot of our assumptions break."


Hackers Prepping for OpenSSL Heartbleed Attacks

While security pros hustle to patch Web sites affected by the widespread OpenSSL flaw nicknamed Heartbleed, there are indications that cybercriminals are hoping to beat them to the punch.


'Drop Dropbox' Protests Flare as Wiretap Proponent Condoleezza Rice Joins Board

Not surprisingly, privacy advocates decry the appointment of Rice, a pro-surveillance hawk, to the board of a company that stores user data.


Stung By File-encrypting Malware, Researchers Fight Back

Ransomware programs such as CryptoDefense, CryptorBit and HowDecrypt have left users enraged -- and often helpless