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The Imminent Age of Virtual Reality is an Illusion

When faced with technology options, we are choosing the ones that require the least commitment to undivided attention. Full Story »
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6 Amazing Advances in Cloud Technology

The cloud is more than just dirt-cheap data storage and lightning-fast apps. These six innovations show that it's possible to manage servers, develop applications, run virtual machines and even sequence the human genome using cloud technology.

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Government CIOs Face Data Center Consolidation Challenges

Federal CIOs face pressure to consolidate their agencies' data center infrastructure. Those challenges go beyond IT, and experts advise CIOs to develop strategic plans so that consolidation improves application delivery and supports priorities such as cloud computing and virtualization.


VMware Extends Horizon Beyond Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VMware has bundled its VDI software with other VMware desktop virtualization products

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Can VCE Be the Apple of the Converged Enterprise Cloud?

Apple wouldn't be where it is today if it hadn't redefined consumer electronics. VCE could very well do the same to the enterprise cloud market. First, it just has to convince companies to 'think different.'


VMware: How the Hypervisor Can Be Security's Savior

Hypervisors that virtualize the compute, networking and storage tiers provide a unique platform for enforcing security policies, VMware executives argued this week at Interop.

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VMware, Nvidia Revolutionizing Secure Cloud Desktop

The thin client has been largely disappointing from the beginning, but a partnership between VMware and Nvidia may finally give the thin client the performance, scalability, security and price it needs to catch on.


Amazon's Workspaces Becomes Generally Available

But Amazon has to overcome questions regarding software integration, security and availability to succeed, according to analyst


Cisco plans $1B investment in global cloud infrastructure

By partnering with the likes of Australian operator Telstra, Cisco hopes to catch up with competition


Cumulus Lands Another SDN Supporter for its Linux Offering

SDN company Midokura this week said it will support for Cumulus Networks' Linux network operating system in its network virtualization software.


New Methods for Addressing Insider Threats: A Roundtable Discussion

Technology advances have made it easier to detect subtle, anomalous end-user behavior, such as installation of unusual apps on endpoint devices, or suspicious deviations from baseline activity. This roundtable discussion examines methods to build monitoring, control and context into enterprise insider threat protection efforts both when dealing with privileged users and regular employees.


How VMware Wants to Reinvent the SAN

VMware has released a virtual Storage Area Network (Virtual SAN), which the company says will usher in a new era of policy-driven and virtual machine-centric storage provisioning.


IGEL Turns Old Laptops Into Thin Clients with New Software

The company's Universal Desktop Converter 2 software costs $80 per laptop


Xen Hypervisor Moves Into ARM Space

Xen jumps in front of Hyper-V and VMware ESX in offering full virtualization for ARM systems

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VMware Unwraps Hybrid Cloud Desktop Virtualization

With the new VMware Horizon DaaS offering, IT organizations can deploy enterprise-class virtual desktops to a public cloud, private cloud or seamlessly mix the two with a hybrid cloud deployment.