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How the Collaborative Economy Will Change the Way You Do Business

The Internet puts the goods, services and expertise you need at your fingertips. Some call it a 'collaborative economy' focused less on transactions and more on trades. Others see a throwback to the early days of economic exchange. Either way, it's quickly changing the way we do business. Full Story »

Zynga Founder Mark Pincus Gives Up Day-to-day Duties

Zynga's founder will remain the chairman and largest shareholder


Facebook Sales Leap, Amid a Growing Mobile Ad Business

Mobile ad sales comprised nearly 60 percent of the company's total ad sales


WhatsApp is Well on its Way to 1 Billion Users

Facebook bought WhatsApp because Mark Zuckerberg dreams of the day when his messaging app has a billion users. WhatsApp is well on its way with 500 million active users, 50 million more than when Zuck acquired the startup two months ago. Not too shabby.


Reddit Demotes Technology Subthread After Posts Were Deleted

Posts containing Bitcoin, Obama and other terms were censored by moderators, Reddit says


Google Will Push Mobile App Installs in Search and Youtube

The company's program works similarly to others offered by Facebook and Twitter


Where R U Now? Iphone Texts Come to Glass

iPhone users can soon have notifications for texts appear in their Glass displays


Twitter Readies Design Changes As It Unveils New Ad Offerings

Twitter has taken a slow approach in the rollout of new ad products and changes to the user interface, but that's beginning to change. Following its deeper integration with MoPub, Twitter is expected to reveal a series of new ad products alongside a refined and more feature-rich user experience.


Spreecast Takes on Google Hangouts with a YouTube- and Reddit-Inspired Redesign

Large videos, up-votes, and chat are just a few of the live-streaming Google Hangouts competitor's new features.


Google Invites Glass Wearers to Brave LA's Beaches

Owners of the famously geeky glasses are invited to a run this weekend


Steve Jobs' Character Becomes Issue in Silicon Valley No-hiring Case

Plaintiffs say materials such as Walter Isaacson's biography are permissible as evidence


Nextdoor Partners with San Francisco to Mobilize Neighbors During a Disaster

The city's Department of Emergency Management will provide real-time emergency info to Nextdoor's neighborhood networks.


Facebook Wants to Help You Meet Friends Offline

A new optional feature broadcasts people's locations to their friends


Google Revenue Jumps 19 Percent but Still Disappoints

The number of ad clicks it sold increased, but the price of those clicks declined on average


Google Opens the Floodgates for New 'social' Ads

Participating businesses can now distribute their Google+ posts across the Web