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6 Social Media Mistakes That Will Kill Your Career

Just because you're not posting drunken selfies doesn't mean you've got this social networking thing down. There are a number of more subtle social media mistakes that could hurt your career. Here are six to avoid. Full Story »

LinkedIn Tackles China with a Startup Approach

China has been a tough market for U.S. Internet companies to crack, but LinkedIn has high hopes it can buck the trend and increase its user base in the country to as high as 50 million over the next five years.

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Web Giants Join Forces for Open Source MySQL Scalability Project

Engineering teams from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and Twitter have begun work on WebScaleSQL, an open source project designed to address the challenges of running MySQL at Web scale.


Online Video Beats Social Media in the Enterprise

A new study from Wainhouse Research reports that viewership of live online video for business purposes is more than double that of social media. Total hours of viewership in the enterprise reached 1.12 billion hours last year and could hit 3 billion hours by 2017.


Why C-Suite Executives Need to Shine on Social Media

Most CIOs -- and other C-suite executives  have at least a LinkedIn profile, but social media requires much more these days. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others are no longer exclusively personal, but also reflective of your role in the larger organization.


How to Use Social Media to Improve Your IT Recruiting Strategy

Social media is ubiquitous in today's digital world, so you can bet your next star employee is out there sharing, liking and tweeting. Here's how to leverage social networking technology to effectively target and recruit IT candidates.


Social Media Getting More Spontaneous and Less Personal

Deliberate status updates are losing luster as quick, impromptu, short-lived activity on social media gathers momentum. If the first phase of social media was a massive effort to share our online identities, this current wave is all about fleeting encounters.


Smaller Businesses See Big Returns From Social Media

A new study from LinkedIn reports a strong correlation between smaller businesses that are increasing social media spending in areas such as content marketing and lead generation and those achieving what it calls 'hyper growth.'


How to Reclaim Your Email When LinkedIn's Intro Shuts Down

LinkedIn's attempt to wedge itself into iPhone users' emails is being "shut down"--a euphemism for killed--as part of the professional network's effort to focus "on fewer things." But LinkedIn's Deep Nishar said the company is still focused on email, so maybe its Intro product is going away because it was a little creepy.


8 Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups to Boost Your Business

Executives, recruiters and LinkedIn experts share their tips on how your business can best leverage LinkedIn Groups to improve your brand.

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7 Ways to Boost Your Klout Score

Your Klout score serves as an important indicator of your social media influence. These tips will help you increase your Klout score while also improving social engagement.

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Does Your Klout Score Matter?

Klout is now entering its fifth year. Is the social media scoring service an important indicator of online influence? Or is it just a meaningless number?


Volunteering is Work, Too: LinkedIn Now Connects You to Nonprofits

Volunteering is super easy. All nonprofits are looking for help all the time: Just walk into your local soup kitchen ready to get to work. Oh, wait, none of that is true. Finding the right organization and best time to lend a hand isn't simple at all, which is why one of the biggest players in the social networking space is stepping in to help.


What to Look for When Hiring Social Media Tech Talent in 2014

Social media professionals need to have a specific set of communication and technical skills as well as varied experience if you expect them to be a strategic part of your business in 2014.


Scammers Promise Easy Money in Trolling for LinkedIn Users

Scammers exploiting the weak job market are looking for hapless victims on LinkedIn, which has become a major meeting site for job seekers and recruiters.