What should a CIO get paid, what are they usually paid, and how can individuals best negotiate their compensation package.


IT Salary Survey 2014: Who's Hot, Who's Not

A shortage of workers with both technical and business skills has employers scrambling and (some) IT pros smiling. Full Story »

Gates Sees Software Replacing People; Greenspan Calls for More H-1Bs

Bill Gates and Alan Greenspan, in separate forums, offered outlooks and prescriptions for fixing jobs and income.


Google CFO and CBO Take Millions in Bonuses While Founders Take Nothing

Google revealed yesterday that it will pay finance chief Patrick Pichette a $3 million annual bonus, and chief business officer Nikesh Arora a $3.5 million bonus, a small increase on the previous year.


Pay Was Down for Computer Science Grads Last Year, But IT Workers Find That Money Isn't Everything

Two surveys show that starting salaries for recent college graduates with computer science degrees has slipped, but pay might not be the most important factor for IT professionals when it comes to choosing jobs.


Better Compensation Key to Retaining Top IT Talent

Money isn't everything, but it's a good place to start. As the economy slowly improves, revisiting your compensation strategy can help you both retain and recruit top-performing tech talent.


Nadella's $40M Portfolio Puny Compared to Ballmer's

Microsoft disclosed new CEO Satya Nadella's stock holdings -- both those he now controls and a larger number he has coming to him -- at 1.1 million shares, with a paper value of nearly $40 million.


Big Data Skills Pay Top Dollar

If you're in tech, it pays to be in big data. Nine of the top 10 highest paying IT salaries are for languages, databases and skills related to big data.


Is an MBA Worthwhile or Worthless for Tech Pros?

Once seen as a valuable differentiator for career advancement, the intrinsic worth of an MBA degree is now a hotly debated subject in the enterprise.

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Are Silicon Valley Techies Killing San Francisco?

Are the cash-soaked, plush-bus-riding, entitled techies at Google, Facebook, Twitter and other firms ruining the City by the Bay as stuck-in-the-60s, Haight-Ashbury-loving, world-peace-dreaming protesters would have you believe? Or do San Franciscans just need to get over it? Take our quick poll.


CIOs Opting for IT Contractors Over Hiring Full-Time Staff

The Bureau of Labor Statistics paints a dark picture of the IT job market, but there's a bright spot -- CIOs are hiring more skilled IT contractors.


After 2 Years of 22%-Plus Increases, Top Microsoft Execs; Comp Fell in FY 2013

Compensation awarded to the top five executives at Microsoft, including current CEO Steve Ballmer, fell in fiscal year 2013, the first time in the last four years that it's declined, according to a filing with the SEC.


15 Common IT Job Search Mistakes

Searching for a new IT position in a competitive market can be an uphill battle. One little mistake could cost you the opportunity. Read on to make sure you aren't making one of these commonly seen blunders in your job search.


Is Twitter's Top Engineer Worth $10.3 Million?

Twitter revealed its biggest earners as it prepares for its IPO. CEO Dick Costolo netted $11.5 million last year, and Christopher Fry, SVP of engineering, raked in $10.3 million.


CIOs Rake in the Big Bucks

It pays to be CIO -- millions, in some cases. Take Filippo Passerini. He joined Procter & Gamble in 1981 as a systems analyst in Italy and rose through the techie ranks. Today Passerini is CIO and leads the company's global business services organization -- a dual role that netted him $5 million last year.


Microsoft Dings Ballmer's Bonus Over Windows 8, Surface RT Struggles

Microsoft's board of directors reduced outgoing CEO Steve Ballmer's bonus for the 2013 fiscal year, citing poor performance of Windows 8 and the $900 million Surface RT write-off, according to a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.