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Health Insurance Exchange Tech Winners and Losers

Between the federal site and various state websites, more than 7.5 million Americans signed up for 2014 healthcare coverage on a health insurance exchange. Building those exchanges proved to be much, much easier said than done. Here's a quick look at who succeeded and who failed. Full Story »

Kill Switch Proposals Finally Force Wireless Industry's Hand

Good news: You're finally going to be getting that theft-deterring kill switch as a standard feature on your mobile device. But when that feature becomes available next year, it may not be in the form the wireless industry would prefer.


Two More States Eye Drone Use Limits

Louisiana and Pennsylvania could become the latest states to impose restrictions on the use of commercial drone aircraft over their airspace.


Net Neutrality Ruling Complicates US Transition to IP Networks

The court's ruling raises questions about the FCC's authority to require VoIP providers to compete calls, carry all traffic


Some Customers Aren't Sold on US Transition to IP Networks

Customers raise concerns about electrical outages and mobile phone radiation in comments to the FCC


Ukraine Tensions Could Hurt International Security Efforts, Kaspersky Says

Anything that hurts trust between countries sets back global Internet efforts, the cybersecurity pioneer said


After First Day Problems, Robotic Sub Resumes Search for Flight 370

The autonomous underwater robot that began searching for the missing Malaysian airliner Monday ran into trouble on its initial mission but is expected to try again today.


Apple Antitrust Compliance Efforts Slow, but Picking Up, Monitor Says

The company has made efforts to launch an antitrust compliance program after fighting against outside oversight, the monitor says


Sorry, Facebook, Google Snatches Up Drone Maker

Google, which has been looking for new ways to deliver Internet connectivity, has bought Titan Aerospace, a New Mexico-based company known for making solar-powered drones.


As Pings Go Silent, Robotic Sub Joins Search for Malaysian Jet

Failing to hear any further pings from the missing Malaysian airliner, searchers today began using an autonomous underwater torpedo-shaped robot.


Obama Administration Backs Disclosing Software Vulnerabilities in Most Cases

The administration said information may be withheld for national security and law enforcement needs


Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros Singer Leads Digital Tax Revolt

Alex Ebert, whose band Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros is best known for its song "Home," is promoting a new website that lets Americans visualize where their tax dollars go vs. where they wish the money would go.


IRS Misses XP Deadline, Pays Microsoft Millions for Patches

The IRS acknowledged this week that it missed the April 8 cut-off for Windows XP support, and will be paying Microsoft millions for an extra year of security patches.


NSA Secretly Exploited Devastating Heartbleed Bug for Years

News of the Heartbleed bug has brought the Web to its knees, and Bloomberg says the NSA has been exploiting it for at least two years.


NSA Denies Knowing About Heartbleed Flaw for Years

The agency disputes a report that it used Heartbleed to conduct surveillance