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Federal CIOs Squeezed by Budgets, Executive Buy-in

Technology chiefs in the federal government say they struggle with their role within their departments and agencies. A bill passed in the House and pending in the Senate could give federal CIOs more authority, though. Full Story »

Blame Heartbleed: Requires Users to Change Their Passwords

If you have an account with, you can expect to change your password the next time you log in. And you can thank Heartbleed for it.


Google Tech to Bring 3D Mapping Smarts to NASA's Space Station Robots

NASA and Google are working together to send new 3D technology aloft to map the International Space Station.

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U.S. Commercial Drone Industry Struggles to Take Off

The U.S. commercial drone industry is still struggling to get off the ground more than two years after President Obama signed into law a bill that permits the civilian use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) over the country's airspace.


Can You Hear Me Now? NASA to Test Laser Communication System

The SpaceX cargo spacecraft will be carrying equipment needed for astronauts on the International Space Station to test optical laser communications to its scheduled launch today.

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Health Insurance Exchange Tech Winners and Losers

Between the federal site and various state websites, more than 8 million Americans signed up for 2014 healthcare coverage on a health insurance exchange. Building those exchanges proved to be much, much easier said than done. Here's a quick look at who succeeded and who failed.


Ukraine Tensions Could Hurt International Security Efforts, Kaspersky Says

Anything that hurts trust between countries sets back global Internet efforts, the cybersecurity pioneer said


Wi-Fi problems dog Apple-Samsung trial

The court's real-time transcription system keeps failing

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Government CIOs Face Data Center Consolidation Challenges

Federal CIOs face pressure to consolidate their agencies' data center infrastructure. Those challenges go beyond IT, and experts advise CIOs to develop strategic plans so that consolidation improves application delivery and supports priorities such as cloud computing and virtualization.


Torpedo-Shaped Robot Joins Search for Missing Malaysian Flight

As the hunt for missing Malaysian flight 370 narrows, searchers are preparing to use the Bluefin 21, a 16-foot-long autonomous robot, to look for wreckage beneath the ocean's surface.

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How Tech Can Help Cities Reduce Crime

Camden, N.J. ranks among the United States' most dangerous cities -- and in 2011, its police force was cut in half. However, a state-of-the-art 'tactical information' center, combined with gunshot-spotting cameras, in-cruiser GPS technology and analytics are helping the embattled city cut crime.


US Development Agency Defends its Twitter-like Service in Cuba

USAID secretly helped set up a mobile phone messaging program to spread democracy in the country


NASA Severs Most of its Russian Ties

NASA announced late Wednesday that because of continuing tensions with the Russian government, it is scaling back work with Russia's space agency.


U.S. Navy to Test Humanoid Robotic Firefighters

Some day, if there's a fire on a U.S. naval ship, a humanoid robot may rush in to put it out.

News Experiences Maintenance Outage on Deadline Day

Technicians took the site down in order to fix a software bug