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Meet the Most Profitable PC Company You've Never Heard Of

Dell's Original Equipment Manufacturer division makes custom PCs for companies in a variety of industries. It also makes money. With sales of plain ol' out-of-the-box machines on the decline, this might point to the future of the PC. Full Story »

Automakers Show Off In-Vehicle Wi-Fi, New Smartphone Interfaces

Car companies at the International Auto Show here showed off their versions of popular smartphone interface technology, which allows vehicle infotainment systems to connect to and use mobile apps.


Your Old Beater Could Get a Bite of Apple CarPlay Action Soon, Via Alpine Aftermarket Unit

Alpine Electronics is reportedly working with Apple to develop an upgrade that includes CarPlay, the iOS-based infotainment system for cars.


Land Rover Reveals 'Transparent' Hood

In what is definitely the stuff of science fiction, Land Rover has created a virtual transparent hood that allows drivers to see the ground directly in front of them.


Spiders! Gas-Sniffing Arachnids Invade Fuel Lines, Force a Software Fix for Mazda Sedans

The hydrocarbon-loving, fuel-line-invading yellow sac spider forced Mazda to recall 50,000 bug-infested Mazda6 sedans three years ago.


Microsoft Shows Off Next-Gen Windows for Connected Cars

Microsoft is moving Windows to the car, again.


Feds Will Require New Cars to Include Backup Cameras

A rule by the U.S. Department of Transportation aims to prevent backover accidents, one-third of which involve young children.

Editor's Letter

CIOs Need to Focus on Competitive Threats

Today's executives can boast about their companies' tech prowess, but they also need to keep an eye on archrivals and new competitors, says Maryfran Johnson.


California DMV Customers May Be Affected By a Credit Card Breach

Did you renew your driver's license or pay a fee to the California Department of Motor Vehicles using your credit card? You may want to keep a close watch on your credit card statements. That's the message the state agency is sending to its customers after a hack affected its payment processor.


At Cebit Opening Ceremony, Leaders Evoke Need to Protect Private Data

All, that is, except U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, who says violin music and a robot thespian are typical Sunday evening entertainment


Apple's CarPlay to Spark Mobile Apps War in Your Car

Apple's announcement today of its in-car, hands-free iPhone user interface, CarPlay, will no doubt bring smiles to the faces of many an iPhone user, but it also is the bugle blast for a battle between mobile application access in your car.


Apple Teams with Car Makers to Roll Out Hands-free Iphone Controls

CarPlay aims to make driving while operating iOS controls safer, Apple said


The Next Wave of Cars May Use Ethernet

The most ubiquitous local area networking technology used by big business may be packing its bags for a road trip.


The 'Internet of Things,' Beyond the Hype At Mobile World Congress

The so-called Internet of everything is becoming a reality, disrupting the tech industry


Smart Highways and Driverless Cars Coming in 2030 -- for Real?

Crowds at Mobile World Congress clamored to see in-car infotainment systems that will soon be connected to the Internet via wireless networks around the globe.