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As IT Presses for More H-1B Visas, Academics Question STEM Worker Shortage

Amid simmering debate in Washington over immigration reform, scholars challenge the notion that the United States faces a widespread shortage of workers educated in science, technology engineering and math. Full Story »
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Tech CEOs Warn of Threats to Cloud, Big Data Economy

Leaders of some of the nation's top tech firms say protectionist cloud policies and Internet restrictions could undermine the potential of the data revolution. To that end, they call on policymakers to advocate the free flow of information across national borders -- and to pay special attention to nations restricting Internet freedom.

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ONC Stresses Flexible EHR Strategy

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT is taking incremental steps to make life easier for healthcare providers struggling to meet the criteria for the meaningful use of electronic health record technology. It's welcome relief for overburdened organizations -- but is it enough to meet their demands for improved interoperability?

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CIOs Must Look to Adaptive Security Systems in Face of Evolving Threats

Microsoft's government security expert warns that there's no such thing as perfect security, so systems must be able to adapt and respond to attacks on unforeseen vulnerabilities.

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U.S. CIO Urges Feds to Fail Fast, Not Fail Big

Taking a page from the private sector, federal CIO Steve VanRoekel calls for a more agile, iterative approach to government IT projects.

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Can the Feds Make Health IT Systems Talk to Each Other?

Government officials are reluctant to issue mandates on standards and interoperability for health IT devices and applications -- but advocates say that's exactly what healthcare needs to promote innovation and improve patient care.


Government Eager (But Struggling) to Make Data Available to Businesses

The Obama administration is pressing agencies to unlock data sets to provide a foundation for startup businesses in sectors ranging from healthcare to transportation. But for now much of that data remains trapped in government systems.


CIOs Must Balance Cloud Security and Customer Service

Cloud era brings government IT new challenge of keeping data secure while broadening user access. This will require federal CIOs to take a more granular approach to access and encryption.


10 Stories That Shaped Tech Policy in 2013

From the NSA surveillance revelations to the troubled government healthcare website to a variety of issues that didn't make the mainstream news, here are the top tech policy stories that played out in 2013.


Federal CIOs Look to Speed Tech Development Cycle

Government IT leaders seeking ways to hasten IT deployment, get a tech pep talk from the CIO of the San Francisco Giants.


CIOs to Gain Authority, Better Alignment With Business Leaders

A measure attached to defense funding bill would consolidate government CIO organization structure, grant new budgetary authorities that could align IT more closely with mission objectives.

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Learning From 4 Lessons in Choosing a IT Vendor

The vendor chosen in a no-bid process to build was fired from a similar project after missing deadlines and suffering security lapses for three years. Such obvious mistakes are unfortunately all too common in the private and public sector. Here are four simple ways to make sure you choose the right vendor for your IT project.


Federal CIOs Look to Platform-as-a-Service for Software Development

A new survey of federal IT executives indicates strong interest in hosted application development to cut cost and improve efficiencies, though PaaS adoption currently remains weak.

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How Safe is Google Glass for Driving?

A California woman's citation for wearing Google Glass behind the wheel raises safety questions about wearing the Internet-connected headset while driving.

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Tech Industry Leaders Dissect Botched Launch

Senior technology industry executives from Adobe, VMware and others diagnose the problems in troubled, citing the ambitious scope of the project and endemic flaws in broader government contracting apparatus.