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Twitter Readies Design Changes As It Unveils New Ad Offerings

Twitter has taken a slow approach in the rollout of new ad products and changes to the user interface, but that's beginning to change. Following its deeper integration with MoPub, Twitter is expected to reveal a series of new ad products alongside a refined and more feature-rich user experience. Full Story »
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14 Tips for Creating Business Videos Customers Will Want to Watch

Video marketing and communications experts share their top tips on how to create a business video that will get maximum views and shares -- with no cats involved.


Inside the Shadowy World of Data Brokers

Data brokers operate in the shadows of the Internet. Most consumers are unaware or unsure how to put restrictions of their activity. In fact, one U.S. senator called these companies and their practices 'the dark underside of American life.'


Hashtags on TV: Companies Turn Phrases Into Free Stuff

If you were watching the Grammy Awards earlier this year, you might remember an Oreo commercial about its new cookie dough and marshmallow crispy flavors. The ad teased the new flavors and then told viewers to tweet the hashtag #sendmeoreo to snag a free package of one of the new cookie varieties. So many users responded that Oreo ran out of cookies to give away.


Who's Hiring? Marketing Lures More Tech Pros

The hiring scene is changing for tech pros. Marketing departments are bolstering their technical ranks to help with big data, cloud, SEO, and mobile development initiatives.

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CMOs Eye CEO Office, But Need CIOs to Get There

Thanks to social media, mobile marketing and data analytics, the CMO is now closer to sales revenue. CMOs are among the most important executives at a company -- and they know it and want to take the next step to the CEO's office. The good news for CIOs is that they can't do it without you.


7 Things Marketing Wants to Say to IT

Attention, IT: As marketing goes all-digital, your CMO needs more from you than back-office support. Are you ready to be a marketing partner?

News Live Events App Ready for Prime Time wanted to attract millions of fans of sports and other live events to play sponsored trivia games for cash and prizes. But each game was like a DDoS attack on its data centers. As a solution, the company turned to a distributed database management system called NuoDB.


Businesses Spending on Big Data Marketing but Not Hiring for It

Marketing organizations are continuing to increase their budgets for big data marketing initiatives, but most are focusing on technology, not talent. That could be a costly mistake.


Inside the Minds (and Personalities) of CIOs and CMOs

The fight between CIOs and CMO for control of IT dollars is well-documented. The battles are real and heated, but how different are CIOs and CMOs? For a deeper look inside the personalities of these tech and marketing leaders, we turned to the definitive source -- Myers-Briggs -- for a detailed breakdown of their traits and tendencies.


How to Kickstart Your Data-Driven Marketing Efforts

Most marketers agree that big data and data driven-marketing are becoming a critical part of the marketing discipline, but many are unsure how to get where they need to go. Check out this infographic for 10 ways to get started with data-driven marketing.

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20 SEO Tips, Trends and Predictions for 2014

Google made big changes to its search engine algorithm in 2013. What will those updates mean for search engine optimization in 2014? SEO experts offer their advice for the new year.

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Does Google Authorship Matter for SEO?

The better your Google Authorship, the more likely you are to see your headshot and a 'rich snippet' attached to the Web content you produce. But this has little impact on SEO and no effect at all on Google Author Rank. Here's an inside look at the pros and cons of Google Authorship for SEO.

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What You Need to Know to Hire, Manage and Market to Millennials

Generation Y is a complicated bunch. Many millennials are over-educated, under-employed and carry debt greater than their annual salaries -- yet your future hinges on them. Whether you need to hire them or sell to them, this infographic looks at common traits of millennials as both employees and consumers.

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Instagram Direct: Your Data, Direct to Marketers

Instagram is going to let you send messages and images to small subsets of your friends and family. It's a clever way to get more of your data into the hands of marketers.