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Will the Internet of Things Become the Internet of Broken Things?

Fifty billion devices will connect to the Internet in the next few years. It's up to vendors to make sure they do, in fact, connect to the Internet -- and provide reliable data, security and customer experience. Otherwise, analysts warn, the future may bring an Internet of Broken Things. Full Story »

Airlines and Airports Invest in Business Intelligence But Must Do More to Avoid Problems

All airlines and 90 percent of airports are investing in business intelligence systems to better serve the needs of their passengers, although more progess is needed to make these investments count, according to air industry IT supplier Sita.

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Industrial Internet Can't Succeed Without Big Data and Cloud, GE Says

Hear the phrases 'Industrial Internet' or 'Internet of Things' and you probably think of billions of connected devices. That's all well and good, but without the computing power to assess all the data coming from these devices, GE suggests that enterprises won't realize the full potential of the industrial Internet.


Climate Change Could Blunt Tech's Travel Culture

Along with more air turbulence and flight delays, global warming presents multiple tech market opportunities.


Tech Built to Find Missing Aircraft Not Always Used

Aviation experts have cited multiple possible reasons for the problems in the multi-country effort to locate the Malaysia Airlines jetliner that dropped off the grid over the South China Sea four days ago.


Ruling on Model Plane Raises Questions on Regulation of Drones

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's policy regarding the commercial use of drones, based on a 2007 policy statement, "cannot be considered as establishing a rule or enforceable regulation," an administrative law judge ruled Thursday.


Boeing's New Smartphone Will Self-Destruct in 3...2...

Aerospace and defense company Boeing this week rolled out the Boeing Black a a heavily secured Android smartphone designed for use by the U.S. military and intelligence agencies, which a no kidding a will essentially self-destruct if tampered with.


U.S. Wants Cars to Find Each Other Through Airwaves and Warn Drivers

The U.S. Department of Transportation will propose making all new cars talk to each other so they can warn drivers of impending collisions.


Government Eager (But Struggling) to Make Data Available to Businesses

The Obama administration is pressing agencies to unlock data sets to provide a foundation for startup businesses in sectors ranging from healthcare to transportation. But for now much of that data remains trapped in government systems.

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4G Data Service in Cars Offers Amazing Potential, Familiar Challenges

Audi plans to introduce 4G to the 2015 A3. Other carmakers are sure to follow. This will provide better vehicle diagnostics and analytics (along with better Wi-Fi for passengers), and though there are obstacles, they will sound familiar to anyone who works in IT.


How GIS Skills Can Help You Find Your Next Tech Job

If you're looking to land a job in the hot big data arena, having geographic information services skills can give you a competitive edge.


Dear Mr. Wheeler: Americans Pour Their Hearts Out Over In-flight Cellphones

As the FCC's official comment period begins, hundreds of people have already weighed in


Taxi! 5 Free Apps for Hailing a Legit Cab

Stop waving your hand at every passing cab. Hail them with your phone instead.


Jetblue Will Enforce In-flight VoIP Ban After All

The airline had said it wouldn't "police" voice calls, but after customers responded, it will


Jetblue Won't 'police' In-flight Voice Calls Over Wi-fi

The airline says its Fly-Fi service will be able to carry VoIP and complaints will be handled case by case