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Collaboration 2.0: Old Meets New

Today's tools are a lot like yesterday's in some respects, except they add features for cloud, social, Web and mobile. They're also a whole lot easier to use. Full Story »

Law Firm CIO Makes the Case for Microsoft Lync

Law firm Holland & Knight already had a who's who of best-of-breed communications products deployed when the firm's IT team decided it needed to replace the tangled mess of PBX systems that provided voice lines at its many offices. It chose to jettison them all in favor of an infrastructure built on Microsoft Lync Server 2013.


Hire for Cultural Fit, Train for the Right IT Skills

Hiring for the right cultural fit can be more important than focusing on technical skills alone and can help companies improve employee retention, engagement and loyalty.


Trek Bicycle Rides Project Management Tool to Efficiency

Getting new products to market on time is critical, especially for a business that is seasonal. In order to improve new product development and delivery Trek Bicycle implemented a project management tool that is keeping teams better connected, collaborating and creative.


CIOs Must Become Technology Consultants

If the 'old' CIO had a reputation of throwing up barriers, the 'new' CIO must focus on breaking down barriers to show marketing, finance, HR and other business leaders how IT services can help them become better within their particular operations.

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CIOs Destined to Be Kings of Customer Data

Despite chatter about CIOs losing clout or eventually reporting to the CMO, a survey of 1,600 CIOs reveals that the IT executives are well-positioned for the future -- if they are willing to step outside of IT.


Facebook CIO Supports Video Calls to Preserve Employee Culture

CIO Tim Campos says videoconferencing and other collaboration tools boost employee productivity and preserve the workplace culture at Facebook -- but integration of those tools is a challenge

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Why Microsoft SharePoint Faces a Challenging Future

Many enterprises use and like SharePoint. Microsoft likes it, too, because it's one of the company's fastest-growing product lines. But making enterprises support separate cloud and on-premises versions and telling SharePoint app developers not to work in C# and ASP.NET may make for a rocky relationship as time goes by.

Early Adopters

Hackathons: Innovative Business Solution or a Breeding Ground for Future Competition?

Technology corporations around the world are increasingly using hackathons to harness the collaborative power of team-based competitions to help develop new products, but many don't take into account the potential downsides.

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6 Top Picks for Small Business Collaboration Software

From basic document collaboration to video conferencing and scheduling, these collaboration tools help small businesses connect people and information.


CMOs Must Expand Their Tech Skills in the Digital Marketing Era

As CMOs take on a more strategic role in the C-suite, they will need to broaden their technical skills and expertise to understand big data analytics, customer online experience, social media and more.

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How Toyota Financial Turns Failure Into Innovation

A tightly knit group of execs form a 'C-suite dream team' to take collaboration to new heights at the finance arm of the world’s largest automaker.

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CIOs Want to Be Allies, Not Adversaries, With Business Users

For years, CIOs raged against stealth technology that could put their company's security -- and maybe their authority -- at risk. Today, though, IT executives see the world differently and are quick to explain that they should be ambassadors between tech vendors and business users.


Improving Patient Engagement Equal Parts Technology, Empathy

Improving efficiency and cutting costs in healthcare means better collaborating with patients. Web portals and mobile applications can help, but only if they connect with the myriad systems that doctors actually use. Organizations can't forget that a little empathy goes a long way, too.


5 Key Benefits Gamification Brings to Your Business

The term 'gamification' may be new, but the concept has been around for some time--just think credit card rewards programs. Despite the buzz and proven results, many companies are still not sure about using gamification. Here are five key reasons why your business should be gamifying.