Best practices and how tos on keeping IT projects on track, meeting compliance iniatives such as Sarbanes-Oxley, managing risk, and delivering on IT valu.


Are You Too Old to Land a New IT Job?

Age really is just a number. If you're keeping current on new technologies and advancement, and show a willingness to keep learning and growing, there's no reason it should be an impediment to your job search. Full Story »
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How to Bring Shadow IT Under Control

Most business units these days are leveraging cloud services, and a majority of them are bypassing IT to do it, according to a new study. While many IT departments want to take charge of provisioning cloud services, it may make more sense to get your arms around compliance and governance first.

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CIOs Must Learn the Politics of No

CIOs may have good reason to reject a proposal or nix a technology request, but an inept or frequent 'no' will get you sidelined.

Sounding Board

Good Governance Is a Make-or-Break Factor for IT

CIOs say that governance rules will ensure that IT initiatives are transparent, efficiently managed and provide maximum business impact.


How to Overcome Resistance to Global IT Standardization

There’s inevitable tension between enforcing global IT standardization and allowing flexibility at the local level. Here’s how to find the right balance.

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Most Data Breaches Caused by Human Error, System Glitches

Companies can significantly decrease the cost of data breaches by teaching employees not to cut corners and by adopting a strong security posture and an incident response plan.


CISOs Must Engage the Board About Information Security

With technology now at the center of nearly all business processes, information security is no longer simply an operational concern. It deserves a place on the board's strategic agenda. And that means the CISO needs to step up in the boardroom.

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How IT Can Achieve Operational Resiliency

Today's complex IT environments make maintaining 'always on' availability more challenging than ever before, even as IT has become central to most business operations. IDC's David Tapper says organizations must adopt a plan for achieving operational resiliency.


Digital Certificates Chaos Could Cost Companies $398 Million

More than half of organizations don't know where their encryption keys and digital certificates are deployed, how they are being used and who is using them. Nor do they have an accurate inventory of their keys and certificates. This makes them vulnerable to attacks that target trust instruments.


IT Department Reorgs Are on the Horizon

An IDG Enterprise study finds that most IT departments are centralized, but the federated model is gaining momentum as CIOs reorient their staffs to focus on business needs

5 Things I've Learned

5 Things IT Pros Need to Know About SaaS Governance

Software as a service is here to stay. So CIOs need the tools to manage their sprawling portfolios of SaaS applications with the same rigor they use for on-premise software.


Is Stolen IP Walking in the Door With New Employees?

More than half of employees who left or lost their jobs in the past 12 months took confidential corporate data with them and most plan to use it in their new jobs, creating the potential for IP contamination. How can you protect your IP?


EMC Offers Online File Sharing With On-Premise Storage Product

EMC is building on its acquisition of the Syncplicity file-sharing and collaboration service by combining it with its Isilon scale-out NAS to provide the enterprise what the storage giant claims provides the convenience of a cloud-based file-sharing service with the administrative and governance capabilities of an on-premise solution.


How to Use Big Data to Make Faster and Better Business Decisions

Big Data is clearly a disruptive technology, but using it successfully is as much art as it is science. The key is integrating Big Data with traditional BI to create a data ecosystem that allows you to generate new insights while executing on what you already know.

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Who Owns CRM Data at Your Company?

In most enterprise IT systems, record ownership is about as controversial as a ham sandwich. Not so in CRM. In fact, it can become quite the political topic. Fortunately, good governance can solve most CRM data ownership problems.