Resources to help organizations and their IT departments with using the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) goverance framework.

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Can Social Media Make ITSM Fun Again?

Social interfaces are changing the very nature of IT service management, with internal toolsets and icon-driven service platforms helping users and IT departments manage the extended enterprise. Full Story »

What ITIL Certifications Mean to Your IT Management Practices

ITIL is growing in demand and some employers are paying a premium for certifications and experience in the best practices methodology, but the first question is what exactly is ITIL and is it right for you or your company?

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IT Service Management Moves to the Cloud

As organizations become decreasingly skeptical about the cloud, they are increasingly willing to outsource ITSM to a SaaS provider. Doing so lowers costs, improves flexibility and easily accommodates ITIL framework principles.


Top 12 Big Data Stories of 2012

The holidays are here and 2012 is on its way out, ending a huge year for Big Data. It's time to reflect on the most popular Big Data stories and tips of the year.


Texas Ousts IBM, Takes New IT Outsourcing Tack

Second-generation IT services deals almost always go better. But after an especially troubled relationship with IBM, Texas is counting on new vendors and an unproven outsourcing model to deliver the second time around.


Adopting ITIL, COBIT Is Not Always the Best Practice

Some process improvement projects and best practice frameworks such as ITIL and COBIT can do more harm than good--particularly when implemented by third-party IT service providers.

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5 Steps to Successful ITIL Adoption

Despite its rapid adoption in recent years, ITIL is fraught with adoption challenges that could be prevented, or at least minimized. The trick is to ensure that sufficient planning leads to optimal adoption. Forrester recommends getting started with these five steps.

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3 Steps for Better Data Center Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is no longer just a process aimed at forecasting hardware needs; it's the key to understanding and optimizing the cost of running business services through platform selection. Forrester recommends updating today's capacity planning process with three new steps to account for cost-value analysis, governance, and global planning.

Case Study

SOA the Logical Choice for Australian Logistics Giant

Plug and play makes Dematic's rip and replace, legacy systems history. Instead, the company turned to service-oriented architecture and ITIL.


The IT Infrastructure Library Can Serve Small Companies: Here's How

ITIL isn't just for large organizations anymore. Smaller companies can implement the IT Infrastructure Library set of best practices and processes and get value from their information systems. IT leaders share their adoption experiences.


How Small Companies Can Make a Big Impact with the IT Infrastructure Library

The IT Infrastructure Library set of best practices and processes help organizations get value from their information systems. But you don't have to be a big global company to benefit from ITIL.

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Putting Together a Useful Project Plan for ITIL Configuration Management

The core of the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is configuration management: the discipline of identifying, tracking, and controlling your IT environment's components to gain accurate and timely information for better decision-making. This book chapter explains how to manage the project for achieving those goals.


The Productivity Gap Between Mid-Market and Large IT Shops

According to an Enterprise Management Associates analyst, big-company IT departments are more efficient and effective than smaller ones.


Watch Out for Training Costs in IT Infrastucture Library Version 3

The latest version of ITIL emphasizes knowing how an organization will service a system before it's built. But to get the full benefits of these best IT practices takes a lot of training.

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What Service-Based Costing Really Means

A concept from ITIL could make a huge difference this budget cycle.