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Qualcomm Could Face SEC Probe Over Chinese Bribery Allegations

Qualcomm has found instances of gift giving to "individuals" with China's state-owned companies Full Story »

Megaupload Seeks Return of Millions in Frozen Hong Kong Assets

Hong Kong's Department of Justice has until June 4 to respond

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Heartbleed Bled Out and Now, an Arrest

The RCMP have managed to track down and arrest the first ne'er do well in London, Ontario. The RCMP have not indicated how they managed to puzzle out who attacked the Canada Revenue Agency. I am curious myself but, not for the same reasons. I'm curious what led a 19 year old from Southern Ontario to think that activity was acceptable.


Google AdWords Cleared in Geotagging Patent Lawsuit

Google AdWords does not infringe a location-based search patent owned by a company called GeoTag, a U.S. judge ruled in a case in which Google and Microsoft teamed up to come to the aid of customers who use their mapping services.


Google had Secret Pact with Samsung Over Some Apple Patent Claims

Google agreed to take over some of Samsung's defense against patent claims brought by Apple under a secret agreement reached in 2012, a federal court jury heard Tuesday.


Verizon: Web Apps are the Security Punching Bag of the Internet

Verizon today issued its annual data-breach investigations report, a study of what happened in 1,367 known cases across dozens of industries in 95 countries last year, and the most common form of attack was breaking in through Web applications.


The Big Money of Apple vs. Samsung

Jurors in the Apple vs. Samsung case have heard a lot of big numbers in the past few weeks.


Merchants, Buyers on Dark Web Get Their Own Search Engine

A search engine for the Dark Web has been launched in beta to provide easier access to marketplaces selling illegal drugs and hacking tools and services.


Hundreds of Medical Professionals Targeted in Multi-State Tax Scam

Medical professionals in 10 states have become victims of identity theft, after someone used their personal information, including Social Security Number, to file fraudulent tax returns.

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Your Privacy Map is Probably Wrong

The privacy maps being created today are primarily designed to avoid lawsuits.


Steve Jobs' Character Becomes Issue in Silicon Valley No-hiring Case

Plaintiffs say materials such as Walter Isaacson's biography are permissible as evidence


Music Labels Sue Pandora Over Pre-1972 Recordings

Five music labels have filed a lawsuit against streaming music service Pandora Music, saying the company is violating state law by refusing to pay labels and artists for its use of recordings made before 1972.


DDoS Attackers Change Techniques To Wallop Sites

Criminals behind distributed denial of service attacks are relying less on traditional botnets and more on techniques capable of launching larger assaults on websites.

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Federal CIOs Moving Cybersecurity Beyond Compliance

The evolving nature of cyberattacks demands a more dynamic response, according to government CIOs making an effort to implement real-time, continuous monitoring and reporting for security issues.


Report: Oracle Pushes Back Against Oregon Officials Over Troubled Health Care Site

A strongly worded letter from Oracle's co-president says Cover Oregon's woes are the state's fault