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Apple Antitrust Compliance Efforts Slow, but Picking Up, Monitor Says

The company has made efforts to launch an antitrust compliance program after fighting against outside oversight, the monitor says Full Story »

Google Updates Terms of Service to Reflect its Scanning of Users' Emails

Google has updated its terms of service to reflect that it analyzes user content including emails to provide users tailored advertising, customized search results and other features.


Mt. Gox Asks for Postponement of Karpeles' Deposition in U.s. Court

Karpeles seeks to appear tentatively on May 5 before the court


BlackBerry Presses for Immediate Halt to Typo Keyboards

BlackBerry has asked a California court to immediately block sales of an add-on iPhone keyboard made by Typo, alleging the startup backed by TV and radio personality Ryan Seacrest misled the court.

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How to Create Awareness of the Insider Threat

One of the legacies of Edward Snowden's treason is that companies are now concerned about the insider threat more than they ever were before. He demonstrates that a single person inside an organization can devastate the organization. While technology should have caught Snowden, there is also the realization that his coworkers and managers should have noticed indications of unusual activities.


Second Google Glass User Attacked in San Francisco in Two Months

Another Google Glass user was accosted just for wearing the device in San Francisco, in what the victim believes may have been the second attack of its kind in the city since late February.


AT&T Hacker Weev Released From Prison After Appeals Court Overturns Conviction

A federal appeals court has ruled that the venue for Auernheimer's prosecution wasn't appropriate


Samsung's Lawyers Try to Put a Human Face on Android

Samsung's lawyers tried to put a human face on Google's Android development efforts as they opened their defense Friday against Apple's patent infringement claims and its demand for $2.2 billion in damages.


Wi-Fi problems dog Apple-Samsung trial

The court's real-time transcription system keeps failing


US Charges Nine with Distributing Zeus Malware

Two defendants face arraignment in federal court Friday


Sweden won't enforce data retention law against ISP that deleted metadata

Other European countries were not so quick to suspend enforcement after an EU court ruled that data retention laws violate privacy


IRS Plays Up Identity Theft, Fraud Fight

While tax return fraud seems to have hit epidemic proportions, the Internal Revenue Service today said it has started more than 200 new investigations this filing season into identity theft and refund fraud schemes.


After Movie Studios, Record Labels Sue Kim Dotcom and Megaupload

The RIAA says the site engaged in 'massive copyright infringement' of music


US Agencies: Sharing Cyberthreat Info Isn't an Antitrust Violation

A policy statement from the DOJ and FTC is aimed at giving companies assurance about sharing with each other


FTC Can Sue Companies Hit with Data Breaches, Court Says

A federal court in New Jersey this week affirmed the Federal Trade Commission's contention that it can sue companies on charges related to data breaches, a major victory for the agency.