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Verizon: Web Apps are the Security Punching Bag of the Internet

Verizon today issued its annual data-breach investigations report, a study of what happened in 1,367 known cases across dozens of industries in 95 countries last year, and the most common form of attack was breaking in through Web applications. Full Story »

Merchants, Buyers on Dark Web Get Their Own Search Engine

A search engine for the Dark Web has been launched in beta to provide easier access to marketplaces selling illegal drugs and hacking tools and services.


DDoS Attackers Change Techniques To Wallop Sites

Criminals behind distributed denial of service attacks are relying less on traditional botnets and more on techniques capable of launching larger assaults on websites.

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Federal CIOs Moving Cybersecurity Beyond Compliance

The evolving nature of cyberattacks demands a more dynamic response, according to government CIOs making an effort to implement real-time, continuous monitoring and reporting for security issues.


AT&T Hacker Weev Released From Prison After Appeals Court Overturns Conviction

A federal appeals court has ruled that the venue for Auernheimer's prosecution wasn't appropriate


US Charges Nine with Distributing Zeus Malware

Two defendants face arraignment in federal court Friday


IRS Plays Up Identity Theft, Fraud Fight

While tax return fraud seems to have hit epidemic proportions, the Internal Revenue Service today said it has started more than 200 new investigations this filing season into identity theft and refund fraud schemes.


Security Pros Talk About Playing Defense Against Cybercrime

Security professionals are playing defense against cybercrime, and often feel outgunned by tech-savvy hackers and insiders out to steal sensitive data from within the business. They see a shortage of qualified security personnel to call on, but also believe that threat-detection tools are getting better.

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The New Security Perimeter: Human Sensors

Security Manager George Grachis discusses the current cyberthreat landscape and why Human Sensors, our users, are our most underutilized resource that can make all the difference.


Think Deleted Text Messages Are Gone Forever? Think Again

A former federal prosecutor and cybercrime expert tells how IT departments can retrieve text messages that the user thought were deleted months or even years ago. As more litigation and investigations turn on the content of texts, every CIO needs to know how to find the smoking gun.

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CIOs Must Look to Adaptive Security Systems in Face of Evolving Threats

Microsoft's government security expert warns that there's no such thing as perfect security, so systems must be able to adapt and respond to attacks on unforeseen vulnerabilities.


Chinese Government Still Sponsoring Cyberespionage, Says FireEye COO

A year ago, Mandiant, since acquiredA by FireEye, issued a long report called "APT1" that accused China's People's Liberation Army of launching cyber-espionage attacks against 141 companies in 20 industries through a group known as "PLA Unit 61398" operating mainly from Shanghai.


FTC: Identity Theft is the Plague of the Country

The Federal Trade Commission today issued its annual look at what consumers in the United States are complaining about the most.


UK Man Charged with Hacking US Federal Reserve

The defendant is accused of stealing personal information of employees and publishing it on a website