Risk Management

Risk management resources to help organizations measure the risk associated with daily operations and new initiatives, as well as how to effectively manage various threats.


As Companies Grow, Managing Risks Gets More Complex

Size matters when it comes to security, according to Davi Ottenhelmer. Ottenhelmer, senior director of trust at EMC, titled his presentation at SOURCE Boston Wednesday, "Delivering Security at Big Data Scale," and began with the premise that, "as things get larger, a lot of our assumptions break." Full Story »

Cognitive Bias: The Risk From Everyone in Your Organization, Including You

Risks to enterprises are not only of the security breach variety from outside attackers, malicious insiders or even careless employees. Another comes from everybody in an organization a even its most loyal, careful, capable members.

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Tech Industry Praises Cybersecurity Framework From White House

Leaders of the tech sector laud the Obama administration's rollout of voluntary cybersecurity guidelines, but broader private-sector adoption could remain a challenge.

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Are We Too Stupid to Let Watson Make Us Smarter?

IBM's supercomputer is ready to make the leap from analyzing massive data sets to actually helping us make the right decision. But will we be too proud to take Watson's advice?

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Are Purchasing Practices Killing Your Software Projects?

Alan Shepard famously said, 'It's a very sobering feeling to be up in space and realize that one's safety factor was determined by the lowest bidder on a government contract.' Don't let the purchasing department determine the success of your software project.

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How IT Can Support Reputation Management in Our Social Age

Oracle was in the news for the wrong reason this week when a former employee filed a lawsuit alleging the firm is racist. The incident provides some lessons in image and reputation management in our age of social media and 24-hour news cycles. As it turns out, IT departments can help protect the brand.


How to Keep Cloud-Based Data Safe

A real-estate brokerage opts to back up critical documents stored in Google Drive.


A Fistful of Security Fixes to Help CSOs Stay Ahead of Risks

No matter how valiant the efforts of chief security officers, or how much businesses say they focus on securing their systems, or the amount of money spent on IT defenses -- many of the same IT security challenges persist.

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Learning From Healthcare.gov: 4 Lessons in Choosing a IT Vendor

The vendor chosen in a no-bid process to build Healthcare.gov was fired from a similar project after missing deadlines and suffering security lapses for three years. Such obvious mistakes are unfortunately all too common in the private and public sector. Here are four simple ways to make sure you choose the right vendor for your IT project.


Small Businesses Put Themselves at Risk by Not Taking Security Seriously

A new study by Ponemon Institute finds many small and mid-sized business don't see cyber attacks as a significant threat to their business.


Dunkin' Brands Uses Analytics to Predict Global Threats

The coffee-and-doughnuts chain operates in 60 countries, so it uses a threat-assessment tool to keep employees safe during international conflicts.

Early Adopters

How to Assess Risk When Considering Cloud Computing

How to make decisions about moving your organization's IT solutions to the cloud while considering the risks involved.


Meeting the Subject of a Threat Assessment: Is it Always Necessary?

When assessing a threat in the workplace, it isn't always necessary to meet with the subject in question, says Dr. Steve Albrecht.


Security Spending Continues to Run a Step Behind the Threats

Security professionals are being hammered by a powerful combination of forces: As IT systems get more difficult to defend--more open, mobile and shared--cyber-threats are also evolving to more swiftly penetrate enterprise defenses.


Don't Live in Fear of Your Cloud Storage Provider Going Under

The closure of cloud storage provider Nirvanix sent a chill through the cloud storage industry and its customers, but is it really a big deal?