Supply Chain Management

Best practices, tips, hints, how tos, and more about supply chain management, including how to plan, implement and control all operations in the supply chain and how supply chain software can help you manage your supply chai.

Editor's Letter

Fast-Food CIOs Are Fast Learners

This $707 billion global industry is building more intimate customer relationships by pushing the IT envelope on technologies like real-time data analysis, inventory-tracking sensors and mobile payments Full Story »
How To

Black Hat, Defcon Security Horror Stories Show Enterprise Vulnerabilities

Java hacks, VPN hacks, firewall hacks and even hotel room key hacks. Nothing is safe anymore, judging from an analysis of presentations at Black Hat and Defcon this summer. The lesson for enterprise CIOs? Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Samsung Finds Bad Management At Supplier in China

Despite a labor group's claims, Samsung found no underage workers at a company supplier in China


In a BYOD World, Is IT Redundant?

Reports of the death of IT departments in the Bring Your Own Device era have been exaggerated. However, if IT doesn't accept its new role -- one that's focused less on individual user support and more on setting policies -- then it might be time to write the obituary.


How to Find Weak Links in Your Supply Chain

Big companies like WellPoint have caught on to the importance of evaluating the disaster-recovery plans of even their smallest suppliers. Does your business-continuity plan cover supply-chain risk? It should.


Enterprise Startups: A Long Road Ahead

This year's crop of DEMO startups targeting the enterprise space face big challenges.


New SCM Deployments Help Food and Beverage Companies Streamline Business Operations

By finding efficiencies and integrating disparate supply chain systems, Tate & Lyle and Maple Leaf Foods are gaining competitive advantages. Could this help your enterprise, too?


Are the iPad 2 HD Rumors for Real?

When will the iPad finally go high def? The manufacturing challenges have led to rumors of an iPad 3 or iPad 2 HD arriving later this year. But where does this leave the iPad 2 expected this spring?


Retailers Going Green, But Customers Remain Apathetic

Retailers have put time and money into going green, but consumers don't seem to be rewarding them for it. Some retailers have decided enough is enough.


Supply Chain Talent: In Demand and Out of Stock?

Companies are bemoaning a supply chain talent shortage--but is it real? One guru says these companies are lazy, even unwilling to train up current staff.


The Trouble with Supply-Chain Best Practices

When it comes to the supply chain, best practices gleaned from the likes of Apple and Cisco simply don't apply to all companies' problems. Here's some advice on how to think more critically about improving supply chain.


RFID Tags Arrive on the Store Floor as Retailers Go After ROI

After years of struggle with this complex technology, retailers are profiting from targeted areas where RFID is paying off. But as Wal-Mart's now doing, retailers must stop thinking cases and palettes and start thinking about tracking individual items.


Apple, P&G, Cisco and Wal-Mart Tops Among Global Supply Chains

AMR Research's annual list of the top 25 supply chains names Apple as No. 1 (again). P&G, Cisco and other global manufacturers (Dell) and retailers (Wal-Mart) made the list for supply chain and financial excellence.


Can SAP Get Its Supply Chain Mojo Back?

An AMR Research report questions SAP's commitment to its supply chain management product portfolio. Will the new co-CEOs offer better product, clearer vision and sweeter incentives? Customers are dubious.


Zappos tries video sharing to boost sales

The retailer bets that sharing video of the products it sells and helping customers share their own will put shoppers in the mood to spend.