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Analyzing Mobile Phone Choice by Age Is Risky Business

Are iPhones used primarily by more mature mobile users who crave ease of use? Are Android phones more popular among the young, techie and cost-conscious? CIO.com's Tom Kaneshige has discovered there are no simple answers. Full Story »
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Why 2013 Is RIM's BlackBerry Year

The iPhone isn't that great and the Android OS is woefully insecure. Come Jan. 30, if mobile users take a hard look at their devices and then look at the new BlackBerry 10, RIM could be in for a windfall.


10 Must-Know Samsung Galaxy Note II Tips and Tricks

CIO.com's Al Sacco spent a few weeks with Samsung's new Galaxy Note II "phablet," putting both the hardware and software through the paces. Here's a list of 10 must-know Galaxy Note 2 tips and tricks for all new owners.


Mobile Payments Are Just a Text Message Away

Barclays Bank puts a personal spin on mobile payments with a person-to-person mobile app that lets customers send and receive payments via text messages between iPhone, Android and Blackberry mobile phones.


How Good Technology Is Opening New Doors with NFC-Enabled Samsung Smartphones

Mobile security software company Good Technology recently piloted an NFC-based physical-access system using Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones and HID Global readers. The company says the pilot not only boosted building security and employee satisfaction, it also required little strain on IT.


Motorola, Nokia Announce 5 New Smartphones in 24 Hours: Images and Video

Nokia and Motorola put their latest cards on the table yesterday, announcing five brand new smartphones between them in a matter of hours. Here are images and video of each of the handhelds, along with release information, where available.


For BYOD Best Practices, Secure Data, Not Devices

IT organizations are justifiably concerned about the security risks inherent in bringing your own device (BYOD). Many are turning to mobile device management (MDM) products and services to address the problem. But a number of mobile security vendors believe organizations are focusing the device when they should be focusing on the data.


Google I/O Roundup: The Six Biggest Announcements

CIO.com's Al Sacco details the six most noteworthy announcements and product releases from Google's 2012 I/O developer conference, including Google's brand new Nexus tablet and the Nexus Q streaming-media machine.


Samsung Galaxy S III: 8 Key Features and Facts

Samsung yesterday launched its latest handheld, the Galaxy S III, in New York City, and CIO.com's Al Sacco was on the scene. Here, he spotlights eight features that set the new smartphone apart, as well as some unique Samsung marketing initiatives.


Samsung, Qualcomm Team to Advance Wireless Charging

Looking to standardize wireless chargers that can repower multiple devices from different manufacturers simultaneously, industry players form technical alliance in the in hopes of winning broad industry support.


Combating Mobile Content Fragmentation With Box

As workers increasingly turn to mobile devices to interact with enterprise content, that content is getting fragmented into silos within apps. Box is attempting to combat that fragmentation with its Box OneCloud mobile framework.


Nokia Lumia 900: Why It's the Best Windows Phone

AT&T's latest 4G/LTE smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 900, is the best Windows Phone on the market today, according to CIO.com's Al Sacco, and maybe even the best $100 smartphone, period. Here's why.


Why Motorola's DROID RAZR MAXX is the Best Android on the Market

Late last year, Motorola released the sleek and powerful DROID RAZR device, which was followed in early 2102 by the DROID RAZR MAXX, a nearly identical handheld minus the battery-life woes suffered by the original. CIO.com's Al Sacco's feels for those who purchased the first RAZR, because the RAZR MAXX is what that smartphone should have been--and it's the best Android handheld on the market today. Here's why.

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Chomp Deal Fixes Major Apple Blind Spot

Apple's acquisition of Chomp should fix a big problem on the App Store and its purchase of Siri brought an amazing feature to the iPhone 4S. But what kind of acquisitions will Apple make down the road?


Motorola DROID RAZR MAXX: Key Features, Facts and Video

Motorola's latest DROID Android smartphone is sure to grab lots of attention. The DROID RAZR MAXX is remarkably thin, powerful and it provides more than double the average battery life of comparable 4G devices. CIO.com's Al Sacco details 10 of the most noteworthy RAZR MAXX features and offers a video look at this top of the line gadget.