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Megaupload Seeks Return of Millions in Frozen Hong Kong Assets

Hong Kong's Department of Justice has until June 4 to respond Full Story »

Fewer College Students Use Tablets; May Be a Sign Device Doesn't Boost Productivity

How much real work can one get done on a tablet? Or are tablets mostly designed for entertainment? The questions arise as a recent survey of college students showed a small decline in tablet ownership.


FCC Will Seek Input on Latest Net Neutrality Proposal

An upcoming proposal allowing pay-for-priority service is not finalized, an official says


Apple to Microsoft: Better Late Than Never for Office on Ipad

Apple CEO Tim Cook says Microsoft lost business by not bringing Office to the iPad earlier


Report: US FCC to Allow Payments for Speedier Traffic

The agency's proposal would allow paid preferential treatment for some traffic based on commercially reasonable terms


IPhone Sales Drive Strong Apple Earnings

Apple's iPad shipments decline, but revenue and profit increase


Brazil's Global Internet Conference Includes Call to End Spying

Participants target an end to Internet surveillance, but have other goals including net neutrality


Facebook Sales Leap, Amid a Growing Mobile Ad Business

Mobile ad sales comprised nearly 60 percent of the company's total ad sales

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Healthcare IT Security Brings Challenges, Opportunities, but No Big Surprises

Recent pan-industry data breach reports from Symantec and Verizon Business largely confirm what healthcare already knows about the root cause of its data breaches. But how can organizations step up to improve security?


Ex-FCC Commissioner to Head CTIA in Latest Washington Shuffle

Meredith Attwell Baker, a onetime Obama appointee, will now run the mobile industry group


University Takes a Pass on Oracle After ERP Lawsuit Settlement

Montclair State will switch to Ellucian in a three-year, US$13 million deal

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'Silicon Valley' Nails the Bay Area's Tech Culture's Tom Kaneshige had resisted watching HBO's new comedy about life in the Silicon Valley. After all, he's lived it since the '90s. But a funny thing happened during his week of binge viewing.


FCC Adds $9 Billion to Broadband Subsidy Fund

The 70 percent increase in the Connect America Fund would help bring broadband to 5 million U.S. residents, the agency says


How to Gauge Employee Satisfaction, One Question at a Time

If you're looking to improve workplace satisfaction and retention, you can improve morale by asking employees a single question.

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Heartbleed Bled Out and Now, an Arrest

The RCMP have managed to track down and arrest the first ne'er do well in London, Ontario. The RCMP have not indicated how they managed to puzzle out who attacked the Canada Revenue Agency. I am curious myself but, not for the same reasons. I'm curious what led a 19 year old from Southern Ontario to think that activity was acceptable.