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SAP Wants to Make Business Users Head-over-heels for HANA with New MOOC

The course is free of charge and follows one launched for developers last year Full Story »

Microsoft to give Windows away for phones, small tablets

The move is an attempt to increase the OS' presence in those devices, where Android and iOS rule


Ex-head of troubled health insurance site developed by Oracle may sue, citing 'cover-up'

State officials allegedly tried to shift blame for Cover Oregon's woes to Oracle and the ex-health authority CIO


Oracle Rolls Out 'iOS 7'-inspired Visuals for Fusion Applications

Most users don't want or need all the features in Fusion's more complex original UI, according to one expert


A Clear-Eyed Guide to Mac OS X's Actual Security Risks

Apple has improved its security in recent years, but is it enough?


SAP Adds Subscription Pricing for Hana Cloud Services

The new options give customers more flexible ways to use the in-memory computing platform, SAP says


State Withholding $25.6 Million From Oracle Over Health Exchange Website Woes

Cover Oregon was supposed to go live Oct. 1 but still isn't fully functional


Ex-microsoft Architect's Startup Focuses on Saas Integration

Azuqua wants to make it easy for business users to build automated processes


Google Chrome Wants to be Your OS

The Chrome Apps architecture enables native-like apps, written in JavaScript with platform APIs, that load fast, run quickly, and work offline.


Special Report: The Triumph of JavaScript

JavaScript is the reigning programming language across platforms and devices. Harness that power with the right frameworks and tools.


No, Android Phone Makers Don't Pay Google Licensing Fees to Use Google Apps

Google has refuted a story that claims the company collects licensing fees from Android phone makers for key apps such as Gmail and Maps.

News Courts Microsoft .NET Developers with New Tools

New toolkits go further than the existing API access had provided

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How to Run Your Business Without Microsoft Small Business Server

Microsoft left many companies' IT strategies in tatters last year when it announced it was abandoning Small Business Server. To replace it, firms can either follow Microsoft's advice or look at alternatives such as Google Apps and Linux-based servers.

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8 Ways to Use Google Glass on the Job

Google Glass isn't without its limitations -- not to mention privacy concerns -- but Google Glass 'Explorers' are finding many ways to use the device to work smarter and faster. The key to more widespread adoption, though, will be seamless integration into existing technology workflows.


Hackathon Geared Toward the 'liberation' of Data From Public PDF Documents

The Sunlight Foundation and others will sponsor a three-day hackathon starting Friday