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Microsoft Surface Mini Likely to Ship Soon

Microsoft may be prepping to ship a mini version of its Surface tablets within a month, based on an listing for a case custom made for the device. Full Story »
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Is Windows 8 Development Worth the Trouble?

Microsoft pays some companies to produce Windows 8 versions of their products. Without this type of financial assistance, or various other incentives, is Windows 8 and especially Windows Phone development worth the effort?

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HP Sets Standard for 2014 IT Analyst Presentations

HP was the first IT vendor out of the gate with its analyst-only event. columnist Rob Enderle was there to grade HP on five metrics and see how the company stacks up to IBM, EMC and Dell -- all of which know a thing or two about successful industry analyst events.

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Why Steve Ballmer Left Microsoft Better Than He Found It

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella certainly has his work cut out for him, but his job pales in comparison to the mess Steve Ballmer inherited in 2000. Nadella should succeed -- and if he does, he owes a lot to his oft-maligned predecessor.


Best Buy Offers Massive Surface Pro Discount as Tablet Fades Away

If you're in the market for a last-generation Surface Pro, now is the time to buy--before that version of Microsoft's tablet is gone forever.


Microsoft Loses Money on Each Surface Sold

Microsoft lost $39 million last quarter selling its Surface tablets, the company acknowledged in filings today with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.


Tablet Review: ASUS Transformer T100

The T100 tablet pulls double duty as a tablet and a notebook at a rock-bottom price. But how does it stack up in real-world use.


Microsoft Releases Update to Fix Surface Pro 2 Firmware Problems

Microsoft has issued a Surface Pro 2 update to fix glitches introduced by a December firmware release, which reduced battery life and changed how the device went into or out of sleep mode.


Can Microsoft Turn Around Its Fortunes With Windows 8 Tablets?

After trailing iPads and Android tablets for enterprise market share in 2013, analysts predict that Windows 8-based tablets will surge from a distant third place to lead the field.

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3 Smart Tablets for Business Pros on the Go

You'd be hard pressed these days to find a worker who doesn't think a tablet would boost his productivity and mobility. Here's a quick look at popular 10-inch iOS, Android and Windows tablets and why they will appeal to employees as well as IT managers.


Microsoft Support Tells Surface Pro 2 Owners Firmware Fix Will Ship Jan. 14

Microsoft support representatives have told Surface Pro 2 owners that a firmware update will be issued Jan. 14 to remedy multiple problems that cropped up after they installed a similar update a month ago.


7 Things on Microsoft's 2014 To-Do List

2013 was a busy year for Microsoft, which announced that CEO Steve Ballmer will leave the company after 33 years, upgraded its controversial Windows 8 platform, doubled down on its Surface tablets, reveled in the success of Office 365, and successfully tweaked Windows Server. But there's more to do in 2014.

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3 Things That Will Make the 'New' Dell Different

Dell is going private, and that means Michael Dell can stop worrying about shareholders and start focusing on what it will take to make his company grow.


Microsoft Jerks Surface Pro 2 Firmware Update

Microsoft pulled an update for the Surface Pro 2 after owners complained that it crippled their tablets with reduced battery life and spontaneously changed how the device went into or out of the power-saving sleep mode.


Analyst Credits Surface Sell-Out to Microsoft Swinging Conservative

Microsoft's Surface tablets were in short supply Monday, with most models out of stock on the company's online store.