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Cloud Attacks Are Following Enterprise Workloads

As more enterprise workloads shift to cloud and hosting environments, cyberattacks that have traditionally targeted on-premises data centers -- such as brute force attacks and vulnerability scans -- are following them to the Web. Full Story »

Cybersecurity Expert and CIO: Internet of Things is 'Scary as Hell'

Jerry Irvine, Prescient Solutions CIO and a member of the National Cybersecurity Partnership, spoke with about "Internet of Things" (IoT) security, the connected home, and why consumers and enterprise should be wary of both.

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7 Enterprise Mobile Security Best Practices

There's no denying the potential for mobile devices to improve efficiencies and lower costs for workers in industries of all types. You also can't deny the potential security vulnerabilities that mobile devices present. These seven tips will help you secure your mobile environment without placing a burden on your workforce.


Small Businesses Put Themselves at Risk by Not Taking Security Seriously

A new study by Ponemon Institute finds many small and mid-sized business don't see cyber attacks as a significant threat to their business.


Cisco Says Controversial NIST Crypto Potential NSA Backdoor -- 'Not Invoked' in Products

Controversial crypto technology known as Dual EC DRBG, thought to be a backdoor for the National Security Agency, ended up in some Cisco products as part of their code libraries. But Cisco says they cannot be used because it chose other crypto as an operational default which can't be changed.


Forescout Technology Encourages Security Management Info Sharing

ForeScout Technologies Tuesday introduced technology that allows other security vendors as well as third parties such as systems integrators to share monitoring and security-related information directly with ForeScout's CounterAct network-access control product.


Data Security Lagging at Midmarket Industrial Firms

Executives at midsized industrial firms believe their data is at little or no risk, even though they hold valuable intellectual property and business process data sought by criminals, according to consulting firm McGladrey.

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How Intel Plans to Destroy the Legacy Data Center

These days, and with the help of Cisco and EMC, Intel is dipping its toes into the networking and storage ends of the enterprise technology pool. Add this to Intel's server expertise and the data center of the future may be at hand.


A10 Airs Thunder Line of ADCs, Along with More DDoS Protection

A10 Networks this morning announced a new line of application delivery controllers -- distinct from the existing AX series -- dubbed "Thunder," saying that the new units offer more capacity in a smaller footprint.


Splunk Adds Statistical Analysis to Enterprise Security App

Splunk is seeking to make it easier than ever to use statistical analysis on your machine-generated data to automate the identification of anomalies and outliers in your systems.


AP Twitter Hijacking Proves Need for Better Authentication, Encryption

The Associated Press's Twitter account was hijacked this afternoon and used to tweet a false message that reported two explosions at the White House had left U.S. President Barack Obama injured. One security expert says the incident underscores the need to adopt out-of-band two-factor authentication and keystroke encryption.


IT Concerns About Targeted Malware Rising

IT and security professionals are increasingly concerned about targeted malware and data breaches. What's worse is that their confidence in their ability to identify and stop them is waning.

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Virtualized Security Offers Challenges (But Not as Many as You Think)

Small and medium-sized businesses are beginning to find that virtualized network security isn't as different as physical network security as they thought. This makes cloud adoption simpler, but it also presents unique challenges.


Certificate Authorities Form Group to Educate on SSL Best Practices

Responding to the increasing number of threats aimed at certificate authorities and the ecosystem of trusted online transactions they represent, seven certificate authorities have come together to form an advocacy group to advance security standards and promote best practices.


Review: Ruckus Wi-Fi Access Points for Your Small Business

How does the latest Wi-Fi hardware from Ruckus Wireless stack up? This review rates two access points and one controller appliance on configuration, security, authentication and performance--all key considerations for a small business that wants a new or upgraded Wi-Fi network.