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Why Software Testing Can't Save You From IT Disasters

Some software bugs are like the cicadia, emerging only under the 'right' conditions and wreaking havoc until they're stopped. Without the right tools, no amount of software testing can stop these bugs from causing a meltdown. Just ask Nasdaq. Full Story »

Special Report: The Triumph of JavaScript

JavaScript is the reigning programming language across platforms and devices. Harness that power with the right frameworks and tools.

The 10 Hottest Javascript Framework Projects

Community strength is a huge factor is determining which JavaScript framework to adopt. Here's a close look at the activity swirling around AngularJS, Backbone.JS, Ember.js, and more.

Java Exploits Seen as Huge Menace So Far This Year

Java was the most targeted development platform for exploit attacks during the first half of the year, and attacks have increasingly shifted to zero-day vulnerabilities, according to F-Secure's new threat report.

Enterprises Still Running Old Java and Flash Software, Websense Finds

Enterprises are still ignoring the threat posed by out-of-date versions of Java, with barely one in five running the latest version during August, security firm Websense has reported.

Can Google Dart Solve JavaScript's Speed and Scale Problems?

Large JavaScript Web apps can be hard to develop and slow to run. Google's Dart language may offer a solution to address both of those issues.

Who Are the Real Winners in the Microsoft-Oracle Deal?

The new Microsoft-Oracle partnership benefits both companies, as Oracle gets access to Azure and Microsoft can finally license Java. Will the deal have any effect on either company's enterprise customers?

Microsoft to Offer Java-as-a-Service

Adding to a growing portfolio of enterprise software it offers as hosted services, Microsoft plans to add Java to its Windows Azure cloud service.

Oracle and ARM to Tweak Java

Oracle and ARM are working together to make the Java programming language more suitable for ARM processors, in order to encourage its use for embedded systems and enterprise software.

Experts Support Google in Oracle's Lawsuit Over Java APIs

Nearly three-dozen computer scientists have signed off on a court brief opposing Oracle's effort to copyright its Java APIs, a move they say would hold back the computer industry and deny affordable technology to end users.

IBM Explores Making Java Virtual Machine Big Part of Future Cloud Platforms

Austin, Texas -- IBM is conducting research that involves making use of the open Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in a clou

Oracle's Java Security Improvements Don't Quite Satisfy

Changes welcomed, but one expert said he'd like to see sandbox technology in Java like that used in Adobe Reader and Google Chrome.

Oracle Renumbers Java Patch Updates, Confuses Users Even More

Oracle has changed the numbering of its Java security updates, prompting one expert to say, "As if Java updates weren't confusing already."

7 Steps to Securing Java

Java, the popular OS-independent platform and programming language, runs on just about every kind of electronic device imaginable, including computers, cell phones, printers, TVs, DVDs, home security systems, automated teller machines, navigation systems, games and medical devices.

VMware Sells WaveMaker Assets to Pramati

A little more than two years after purchasing Java tool vendor WaveMaker, VMware has sold the assets of the company to the Pramati software engineering firm.

Java Security Questions Answered

Most of the products tested (except Windows Server 2012), use Oracle's Java in one form or another, at least for client access and also in some cases within the management interface. With numerous vulnerabilities recently discovered in Java, leading to guidance from Department of Homeland Security and others to disable it entirely, this raised some questions about usability and possibly even security of the devices tested.

Enterprises Running Java Versions That Are Months Out of Date, Analysis Finds

Despite the widespread and well-publicized exploitation of vulnerabilities in Java, large numbers of organizations continue to use versions that are weeks, months or even years out of date, a Websense survey of its customers has reported.

Javascript's Popularity Rankings Vary Widely

Indexes of programming languages say one thing, but GitHub's rankings tells a different story about JavaScript's popularity.

Open Source 'Lingual' Helps SQL Devs Unlock Hadoop

Concurrent--the driving force behind Cascading, an open source Big Data application framework that gives Java developers the capability to leverage their skills to write MapReduce jobs--is gearing up a new open source project to help you use SQL skills to work with Hadoop.

Pull the Plug on Java Before It's Too Late

This week's zero-day exploit is the latest evidence suggesting that client-side Java is past its prime, not to mention dangerously insecure. It's time for consumers and enterprises to pull the plug on Java before Oracle sells it off and leaves it for the vultures of cyberspace.

New Java Exploit Sells for $5000 on Black Web Possibly Threatening Millions of PCs

Another previously unpublicized flaw in Java threatens the security of millions of PCs that may still have the application running on it.

Can Windows 8 Give Developers What iOS and Android Lack?

Microsoft's future hinges on attracting developers to build Windows 8 apps. But by offering financial incentives, supporting a range of programming languages and allowing developers to write code once for multiple devices, those developers may soon follow.

Apple Tries to Kill its Own Java on Most Macs

Apple yesterday started scrubbing most Macs of older Java browser plug-ins, a move that will force users to download the software from Oracle.

Python (and Other Dynamic Languages) Coming to the Enterprise, Like It or Not

Dynamic languages, most notably Python, are establishing themselves in the enterprise like never before. CIOs should weigh the benefits and drawbacks of Python carefully--and consider that their developers are probably using it already.