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An iWatch Won't Affect Apple's Long-Term Success

Some Wall Street analysts are warning that Apple needs to unveil its post-iPhone and iPad products to assure it can survive and thrive in the years ahead. Full Story »

Buying Google Glass Today? 7 Things You Should Know

Not one of the approximately 8,000 Google Glass Explorers but wish you were? If so, today is the day pick up a pair, but there are a few things you should know.

First-to-Market Means Diddly When it Comes to Smartwatches

The old wisdom that "first-to-market" technology products will win out gets thrown out the window when it comes to smartwatches and some other wearables.

Google Announces New Glass Features Ahead of One-Day Sale to General Public

The smartglasses promise better battery life, new photo features, and user-interface improvements.

Before Project Ara, Others Envisaged a Modular Phone

The spotlight will fall on Project Ara this week when Google holds a big event for developers, but it's far from the first company to toy with modular smartphones.

Your Old Beater Could Get a Bite of Apple CarPlay Action Soon, Via Alpine Aftermarket Unit

Alpine Electronics is reportedly working with Apple to develop an upgrade that includes CarPlay, the iOS-based infotainment system for cars.

Report: Google to Buy Drone Maker Titan Aerospace, Previously Wooed By Facebook

New Mexico-based Titan's aircraft are designed to stay aloft for years and can provide voice and data services

Second Google Glass User Attacked in San Francisco in Two Months

Another Google Glass user was accosted just for wearing the device in San Francisco, in what the victim believes may have been the second attack of its kind in the city since late February.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Arrives: Everything You Need to Know

Today's the big day for Samsung's latest flagship phone. The Galaxy S5 is available now in 125 countries.

Samsung's Lawyers Try to Put a Human Face on Android

Samsung's lawyers tried to put a human face on Google's Android development efforts as they opened their defense Friday against Apple's patent infringement claims and its demand for $2.2 billion in damages.

Wearables Sales Tripled in a Year--and Will Grow 500 Percent by 2018, Study Says

Research firm IDC says simple activity trackers are leading the charge, while face computers like Google Glass will face slower adoption.

Google Glass to Go on Sale for One Day Next Week

If you've been waiting impatiently to get a pair of Google Glass, mark your calendar and grab your checkbook.

Google Glass May Soon Be Sold to Normal People--But Just for One Day

It's not the consumer release. But it does look like the Explorer version of Glass will be open to anyone who can pony up $1500.

Google Amps Up Fight Against Malicious Apps with Enhanced Android Security

A small number of people could see warnings with the new system, Google said

BlackBerry CEO: I'll Kill Off BlackBerry Phones if They Don't Start Making Money

BlackBerry yanked its phones from T-Mobile stores after a T-Mobile ad campaign suggested customers should trade in their BlackBerry for an iPhone, but on Thursday, new BlackBerry CEO John Chen said he's not averse to snuffing out the iconic handsets completely if BlackBerry phones don't start making money once again.

Star Software Designer Greg Christie Reportedly Leaving Apple

Christie's team will now report to Apple designer Jony Ive, The Wall Street Journal said

XOEye Smartglasses Could Be the All-work, No-Play Wearable That People Actually Use

The future of smartglasses will be realized by a factory worker operating a 3000-pound stamp press, not a gamer stomping on virtual-reality bad guys. Face computers will be all about scanning bar codes on cardboard boxes, not scanning tourist attractions for augmented reality overlays.

Rumor: Samsung is Developing a Smartwatch with an Integrated SIM

Samsung's mobile portfolio is already crowded with wrist-worn wearables, including the Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, and Gear Fit. Yet now there's a rumor afloat that it's adding another smartwatch to its arsenal: the Gear Solo.

LG's G Watch Prototype Looks Just Like Every Other Smartwatch

As we're eagerly awaiting the arrival of Android Wear, we're also paying close attention to see what device manufacturers come up with for the official launch, expected to happen later this summer.

Apple Details $2.2 Billion Damages Claim Against Samsung

Apple began to lay out its $2.2 billion damages claim against Samsung Electronics for the first time on Tuesday, arguing to an eight-person jury in California that Samsung's alleged patent infringement was large and significantly damaged Apple.

Google Envisions Glass in Businesses

The company launched a program for companies and developers to promote the development of business apps for Glass

Startup Claims Wearables with its Chips Can have Up to 30 Days of Battery Life

Ineda Systems, backed by Samsung and Qualcomm, will ship its chips in the second half of the year

Google Looks to Push Glass Into the Enterprise

Google is looking to push its wearable computer Glass into the enterprise.

Uber Now Delivers Packages with Rush Courier Service

The service is initially available south of 110th Street in Manhattan

Android TV Shows Google Hasn't Given Up on Set-up Boxes

OK, so Google TV never took off. Enter Android TV, a new set-up box interface according to leaked documents.