HoloLens' mixed reality is gaming on steroids

IDG News Service | Oct 7, 2015

That's Microsoft's vision, but we won't know what the platform can really do until developers get their hands on it in early 2016.

We've shown you how HoloLens can place amazing holograms in your word and how those holograms can interact with the holograms around you. But today we want to take mixed reality one step further. So we've got something new to show you. Holograms you can hold. This holographic gauntlet is the weapon that Dan will be using while playing Project X Ray. Nice. Let's battle some robots. With HoloLens you're completely untethered which means Dan is free to move around as he shoots enemies and avoids their fire. With HoloLens the action h happens all around you. And thanks to spacial sound, you'll hear the game play as though it's happening in your room. Notice how the robots notice where the walls and furniture are and they can use that knowledge to navigate and plan attacks against you. Since each room is unique every game is customized to you. That didn't work, what else do you got? Vortex mode. Holograms behave just like real objects. They can interact with the environment and with each other. So starting today we are taking applications for the HoloLens development kit which will be available in the first quarter of 2016 for $3,000.