US must make next move on Safe Harbor

IDG News Service | Nov 6, 2015

The European Union expects the U.S. to make the next move in negotiating a replacement for the Safe Harbor Agreement.

And there is still need to protect data of Europeans in the United States of America.
We got Safe Harbor in the year 2000 and the idea of Safe Harbor was old. To protect data of Europeans in the United States of America. But then we understood that Safe Harbor is not safe.
This is why the Commission strongly believes that we need a new, stronger framework for transatlantic transfers that will replace the old Safe Harbor. It is important not only for transatlantic relations, but first and foremost for our own citizens and businesses. Only a comprehensive framework with commitments and enforcement by the US authorities can insure the practice of level of data protection that Europeans deserve and are entitled to under EU data protection law. I therefore urge our American partners to take the necessary steps to establish this new framework. One that contains limitations to government access to data and the necessary safe guards including judicial control.
Without trust from our citizens a functioning single marketplace on data will not work. Europe and the United States have all tools to achieve this in three months, but I want The to be clear we need a bulletproof solution.