Cool gifts for Apple lovers

IDG.TV | Nov 17, 2015

This holiday gift guide for Apple fanboys and fangirls features some of our favorite accessories to personalize and enhance your Apple gear.

BookMarc möd is a stylish hardwood stand for your MacBook.

It frees up space on your workspace.

It even keeps your cables resting neatly on your desk.

Compatible with any Macbook Air or Macbook Pro.

BookMarc möd * $60 *

The Ginkgo Solar Tree is a solar charger for iOS devices.

It fully charges your iPhone 6s in two hours.

The 4.000 mAh battery stores enough solar energy to charge 2 iPhones

Recharge the battery by placing it near a window or under a light?

If it’s cloudy, the battery can also be recharged by plugging it via USB

Made with sustainable materials, it’s the most eco-friendly charger under the sun.

Ginkgo Solar Tree * $133 *

Iconic pays tribute to Apple design and innovation

Behold: Tk original photos of Apple’s most celebrated products

It even depicts rare prototypes and packaging from different eras

The packaging is Apple-worthy in and of itself

Go retro with the Special Edition or light it up with the Ultimate Edition

Iconic * $50 - $250 *

Nomad’s Stand for Apple Watch is a simple, sturdy and sophisticated.

It’s made from a single piece of military grade aluminum.

There’s a precision-machined channel to hide the charging cable

The non-slip rubber base is made from a solid piece of copper

Your Watch will never topple over

Compatible with all Apple Watch models and sizes, even the $17,000 one!

Stand for Apple Watch * $70 *

Sound Cover will pump up your iPad’s volume.

It’s a lightweight iPad cover with built-in speakers that boost volume by 400 percent.

Connects via Bluetooth, and promises 15 hours of playtime.

There’s also a built-in microphone for FaceTime calls. Hi, mom.

Compatible with iPad Air and iPad Air 2

Sound Cover * $200 *

Personalize your Apple gear with Decal Guru decals.

Adorn your Apple! You have full permission to get a lil’ crazy

Unlike stickers, decals are completely removable and won’t leave stains.

You’ll be able to spot your Macbook even in a crowded Apple Store

Decals * $5 - $13 *