Non-stick wings keeps bugs off aircraft

IDG News Service | Feb 16, 2016

NASA researchers are investigating non-stick wing surfaces that help aircraft fly more efficiently and new flaps that can reduce take off and landing noise around airports.

Tiny BUGS are disrupting your flight

When BUGS HIT WINGS, their bodies disrupt airflow

That creates drag leading to less lift and higher fuel consumption

NASA is testing NON-STICK wing coatings

So when bugs hit
They slide right off

The favorite is one based on a lotus leaf

Which naturally repels water with tiny bumps

Fuel savings per plane are small

But across the industry could be BIG

NASA is also working with the US AIR FORCE

On wings that improve aerodynamic efficiency


When conventional flaps are lowered, a gap exists in the wing

The new flaps close that up

Significantly reducing aircraft noise

So take-off, landing and approach will be quieter

That’s great for people living near airports