Virgin Galactic unveils VSS Unity SpaceShip Two

IDG News Service | Feb 20, 2016

The latest space tourism prototype from Virgin Galactic was unveiled at the company's Spaceport America facility in the Mojave Desert. Richard Branson says he'll be the first passenger when it's safe to travel

This is Virgin’s Spaceship Two VSS Unity

It’s being built in the Mojave Desert

And seats seat 6 passengers in a cabin the size of a business jet

It will be taken high and then dropped from an aircraft

And journey into space

The rocket engine takes it supersonic in 8 seconds

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic will offer flights

Passengers will get several minutes at zero gravity

For their $250,000 fare

Three days of training will precede each flight

And Virgin is also offering it to researchers

NASA has signed up for one flight

But it’s not ready for service yet

Lots of testing remains to be done

In 2014, a SpaceShip Two test ended in disaster

VSS Enterprise broke up in midair killing a pilot

Flights will begin ‘when safe to do so’

Richard Branson says he’ll be the first passenger