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Is business modernization on your agenda?

While it may seem obvious that modernization should be the foundation for creating a digital business, most CIOs say that they go hand in hand and can feed off each other in different, not-so-obvious ways.

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How H-1B changes will impact U.S. IT

Many IT employers rely on foreign national talent with H-1B visas to fill thousands of technical roles. New and proposed changes have many tech companies worried about the consequences.

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The Digital CIO

Digital transformation initiatives underway, but companies need help

A new survey from Webtorials highlights how businesses understand the importance of digital transformation, but several barriers are hindering adoption.


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What is project portfolio management? Aligning projects to business goals

To successfully achieve company-wide objectives, it is vital for project, program, and portfolio managers and executives to understand the purpose and benefits of PPM.

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What is design thinking? The secret to digital success

Design thinking is becoming a key pillar in digital transformations, with more enterprises tapping the design philosophy to deliver user-friendly products and services.

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How knowledge graphs create data-driven cultures

Isn't it time for you to get as smart as other data-driven industry leaders?

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Is a shortage of C-suite support getting in the way of corporate cyber-resilience?

77% of enterprises lack a cyber-security incident response plan, and only half of executives comprehend that cyber-resilience affects their brand and reputation.

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7 steps to revenue-driven IT

Organizations are increasingly turning to IT for revenue-generating initiatives. Here’s how IT can drive value at the intersection of company and client.

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What is a business analyst? A key role for business-IT efficiency

Business analyst help guide businesses in improving processes, products, services and software through data analysis. These agile workers straddle the line between IT and the business to help bridge the gap and improve efficiency.

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Movers and Shakers

How to reconstruct your business’s value chain for the digital world

Digital technologies change everything. The key is understanding and creating a new value chain, not adding technology just because it is new, says pharmaceuticals CIO Guy Hadari.


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How CIOs can get truly strategic...and why that matters

CIOs can earn their opportunity to advance at the strategy table, but to keep their roles, they need to make what IT does central to the business.

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Top 15 data science professional development certificates

You don’t need to go back to college full-time to land a job in data science. These 15 professional development courses are designed to accelerate your data science candidate.

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Succeeding in the era of shared project oversight

With LOBs increasingly driving technology spend, IT and business leaders must learn how to share authority over projects effectively without killing them.

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Jumping into the IoT revolution with eyes wide open

The Internet of Things (IoT) creates opportunities as well as risks. Managing those risks are key to success.