nvidia holodeck with koenisegg car

CIOs pay attention: VR and AR are about to disrupt your industry

Nvidia’s Holodeck shows how virtual and augmented reality can improve collaboration and speed up business decisions. Companies must get on board or be left behind.

Career insights: Is stress or boredom worse?

Stress may get all the attention but what impact can boredom have on your career (and health)?

What might life with your future robot co-workers be like?

We take a look at the future of robots at work?

Is it possible for a hulking giant to think like an entrepreneur?

Is it really possible to think like an entrepreneur in a large company?

Do you have the personality of a CIO?

Myers-Briggs, publisher of CPP, discusses why it doesn’t endorse ambiversion and how the typical CIO’s personality differs from the rest of the IT department

Hack alert: Do you know who is watching your CCTV?

Perfectly legal projects collate live CCTV footage from around the world—what does this reveal about IoT security?

How Alexa can benefit your company

Will we access most enterprise software using speech (via Amazon Alexa) in future?

Why is privacy engineering suddenly important?

What is privacy engineering and why should we care about it?

How to improve a bloated, brand-killing enterprise website

Enterprise websites are increasingly slow and bloated. Give your customers a break and they'll stick around for longer

How can AI be used to boost sales?

We look at AI’s potential to boost sales and marketing in large organisations

How virtual reality is changing workplace training

Where are we at with VR training?

Could a machine choose your next hire?

We look at the future of AI and recruitment

managing business process cycle rotate phases

What is business process management? The key to enterprise agility

Business process management is the practice of aligning goals and processes as businesses evolve. BPM software helps organizations define the steps required to carry out a business task, mapping these definitions to existing processes...

Mission-critical IT systems don’t always need the latest tech

Major industrial, engineering and military projects can come under fire for using outdated IT systems. Is that fair?

How to address the blockchain skills shortage

Experts share their views on how to tackle the blockchain talent shortage

Brexit - Britain, European Union puzzle pieces

Brexit creates supply chain uncertainty

Monitor Brexit closely to avoid having your supply chain disrupted. If you don't, Britain’s exit from the EU might not be the only exit in your future.

Unicorn GDPR IDC

10 GDPR myths debunked

Don’t be fooled. GDPR implementation is a complex undertaking and being unprepared could have significant and expensive repercussions.

talking tech in the board room deloitte

Talking tech in corporate boards

Tech leaders are commonly encouraged to speak the language of business, but it is becoming increasingly important for boards to speak the language of technology.

cloud hiring

An inside look at today’s top tech employers

PayScale data on employees’ experience and satisfaction at 52 top tech companies reveals surprising insights into what it takes to attract and retain talent in today’s IT job marketplace.

Talent compass pointing to the most highly skilled jobs hiring

Hiring in the age of dispersed technology spending

The tech hiring landscape is shifting now that line-of-business units command their share of technology spending. The result is a rise in hybrid positions that combine business and IT skills — and a need for a new approach to filling...

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