Streamlining Business Operations with Cutting-Edge ITSM Solutions

BrandPost By Solarwinds
Nov 20, 20235 mins

Identity-as-a-Service and Identity and Access Management Concept - IDaaS and IAM - Technology that Allows Users to Use Identity Management and Authentication Services from the Cloud - 3D Illustration
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Today, businesses constantly strive to enhance operational efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market. To meet these demands, IT Service Management (ITSM) has emerged as a critical component for organizations of all sizes. ITSM solutions can offer a structured approach to managing IT services, aligning them with business needs, and delivering exceptional customer service.     

Evolving digital landscape

Australia’s dynamic and diverse business landscape emphasizes innovation and customer-centric strategies, with its evolving digital ecosystem characterized by rapid technological advancements in recent years. This includes many businesses migrating to cloud-based services, adopting data analytics, and incorporating emerging tech, like generative AI, into their business operations.

Given this evolving landscape, companies must have the right ITSM tools to address various challenges, including increased customer expectations, data security, regulatory compliance, and remote work trends.

Reaping the benefits          

IT teams have long realized the value of ITSM solutions to streamline and improve efficiency while offering businesses a wide range of benefits, including cost savings, agility, accessibility, security, scalability, and improved process maturity.

Businesses adopting a robust ITSM product can benefit from:    

  • Improved customer satisfaction: In today’s world, customer satisfaction is paramount. ITSM solutions enable businesses to deliver high-quality, consistent services, resulting in happier customers and improved brand reputation.
  • Adaptated for remote work: A distributed workforce is the reality for many companies today. ITSM can support remote services needed to support the modern workforce.      
  • Improved cost savings: ITSM helps organizations save money in the long run by optimizing processes and reducing service disruptions. It also enables better resource allocation and stable and predictable process outcomes, helping reduce IT-related costs.
  • Scalability: ITSM can scale with the organization’s growth and evolving needs.
  • Improved security: ITSM practices often include security measures and guidelines, helping organizations maintain a secure IT environment.

A recent SolarWinds report showcased the real potential benefits of ITSM solutions by revealing how SolarWinds® Service Desk customers have benefited from ITSM adoption. The results found that the average customer surveyed saved 23 hours per week due to reduced ticket volume—nearly the equivalent of adding an extra employee to their team. Furthermore, participants reported the ability to handle an average of 19% more tickets per IT agent. This time saved delivers immediate value by allowing greater focus on innovation and progress toward long-term business goals.

Deployed along with SolarWinds Observability, SolarWinds Service Desk provides various added benefits; organizations can standardize and streamline incident management workflows and facilitate collaborations between the IT department and other business operation units. Such seamless integrations enable organizations to rapidly address operational issues by automatically forwarding observability alerts and streamlining incident management. IT teams can deliver fast response and remediation of unexpected events, increasing productivity, improving user satisfaction, and helping ensure critical SLAs are met.

On-shore confidence         

A local IT Service Management (ITSM) data center can offer specific benefits to organizations, especially regarding data security, compliance, and performance.

Not only does a local data center ensure data sovereignty, meaning the organization’s data is stored only within its country’s borders, but it also can typically offer lower network latency, resulting in faster data access and improved system performance.

Hosting your data center locally can also give you more control over your IT infrastructure, allowing you to implement customized security measures, data backup strategies, and data retention policies according to your needs.

Notably, SolarWinds launched its first IT service management (ITSM) data center in Sydney, Australia, at the start of 2023 to enhance the SolarWinds software as a service (SaaS)-delivered offering and expand customer availability to not only Australian customers but businesses throughout the Asia-Pacific and Japan (APJ) region, delivering accelerated responsiveness and increased customer performance in the region.    

Unlocking the value of ITSM

In Australia’s rapidly evolving business landscape, investing in any technology solution should be strategic, as it has the potential to be strategic and can be a transformative step in adapting to new trends and challenges.

ITSM solutions enhance operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and data security. By eradicating inefficient internal communications, businesses have the potential to streamline and enhance operations and allow employees to focus on creativity, innovation, and productivity – a competitive edge that’s invaluable in today’s dynamic environment.

Choosing the right ITSM product can be a transformative step for your business, allowing you to adapt to new trends and challenges. To stay competitive and excel in the Australian market, find out how SolarWinds® Service Desk can be a critical factor.