Compasso UOL: On the Forefront of Brazil’s Digital Transformation

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Jun 09, 2021
Cloud ComputingIT Leadership

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Created in 2020 by the merger of UOL Diveo and Compasso, Compasso UOL brings more than 40 years of combined B2B IT services expertise to Brazil’s business sector. The company’s partnership with VMware began more than a decade ago, and in 2016 Compasso began offering multi-cloud services with a high-speed connection between public and private clouds in the San Paulo metropolitan area.

Today, Compasso has more than 2,200 employees serving more than 1,300 customers, including 50 of the largest companies in Brazil as well as an impressive roster of international firms.

We recently connected with Rodrigo Rangel Lobo, Engineering and Operations Director at Compasso, to learn more about the company’s growing cloud business. We also took the opportunity to explore the nation’s changing IT landscape and where Compasso’s experts see the cloud’s potential to change how we work.

“We run a global delivery model that enables our customers to maximize the value of their business processes and IT investments,” said Lobo. “Consumers’ habits and the way they interact with brands and products have changed. To keep up with today’s hyper-connected users businesses need the right IT infrastructure, systems, applications, and processes.”

Compasso UOL offers the wide range of services its customers’ need to keep pace with these users and customers, including everything required to transition to software-defined data centers. The company offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Storage-as-a-Service, Desktop-as-a-Service, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, and managed security services.

Lobo also notes that Compasso builds customized cloud strategies for customers to ensure that they have the best experience in the use, governance and management of their cloud environments. This includes offering the company’s own Compasso Cloud based on VMware technology, public cloud integrations, and hybrid cloud deployments.

“The software-defined data center not only makes infrastructure hardware agnostic, of course, but it also automates the provisioning of resources and is configurable to meet the needs of specific applications,” says Lobo. “Our Compasso Cloud is highly competitive with the large hyperscalers because of its large computational and storage capacities. And besides the reliability we deliver, we also provide our customers with more scalability, flexibility, and security, as well as the ability to analyze data for insights that facilitate smarter decision making. Every company today needs to be data driven.”

All of the company’s services are offered in a personalized manner. Not only are Compasso’s experts equally at home helping customers with their on-premises systems and their cloud infrastructure – a strength it refers to as Managed IT Services Anywhere – but the company also offers dedicated teams so customers always speak with experts who are intimately familiar with their network and deployment.

“Our customization begins with our Architecture Design Framework,” says Lobo. “In this way we explore each customer’s environment and determine how we can best deliver the performance, security, reliability, and cost optimization they need. We also offer agile development services and teams. One of the biggest misconceptions about the cloud today is that enterprises automatically gain the benefits of the cloud merely by migrating to it. That’s not the case. It’s imperative to review the architecture and to build systems and applications that make better use of cloud resources and draw on its inherent capabilities.”

Notably, Compasso’s strong partnership with VMware touches on nearly all of its cloud services. The Compasso Cloud platform uses the entire VMware stack.

“We have been partners with VMware since 2009 and were the first partner in Latin America to obtain the VMware Cloud Verified badge,” says Lobo. “We’re actively leading our customers on their journey to the cloud, and our strong relationship with VMware has been fundamental throughout this process. Our relationship grows stronger with every passing year.”

Lobo also stresses that helping enterprises realize the full potential of the cloud positions them for more than just success today. It also enables them to embrace new ways of working.

“We just launched a new business unit in conjunction with the $1 million in scholarship funds we are giving this year to foster greater development acumen among students in Brazil,” he says. “Our new Gaming & Real-time 3D Innovation Studio will bring electronic gaming technology, real-time rendering, and virtual and augmented reality solutions to the gaming industry and other sectors of the economy. We’re working with tomorrow’s technology today.”

Learn more about Compasso UOL and its partnership with VMware here.