Connect, Migrate, Manage, Modernize: A Framework for Edge Success

BrandPost By IDG
Jun 14, 2021
Edge Computing

Business goals must drive the ecosystem. This podcast episode explains how.

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Credit: blackred

IT leaders have no shortage of priorities to balance as they position their organizations for resiliency and growth. And one of the hotspots for growth and transformation is the Edge.

As businesses push their infrastructure toward the network edge, making sure everything works together is key. But driving that functionality should be your business objectives, says Dave Shacochis, Vice President, Enterprise Strategy and Field CTO at Lumen Technologies.  IT leaders should answer this question, Shacochis says:

“Have you defined your software value chain, and what are the reasons and rationales that would drive you to go and run that value chain out closer to the edge of your network?”

In other words, edge for edge’s sake is a non-starter.

In a session devoted to the edge ecosystem and orchestration, Shacochis lays out Lumen’s vision for the edge network. In a word, it must be dynamic, he tells IDG’s Senior Strategist Jim Malone.

“Do you have a level of dynamism that gives you all the software you need, that you can give you a thriving ecosystem of innovating in different ways? And then, do you have a services ecosystem where you can do software configuration, as well as network configuration in all the places that the workload might run?”

Listen below to the next episode of Lumen’s podcast series to hear Shacochis explain Lumen’s edge ecosystem mantra: “connect, migrate, manage, modernize.”