A boutique consulting company wins a prestigious Snowflake award

BrandPost By In516ht
Jun 16, 2021
Technology Industry

In516ht is a boutique consulting company from Slovenia which has recently earned Snowflake’s recognition. In516ht started working with Snowflake European team 4 years ago and has developed several data-driven business and industry applications that are built with all the potentiality of Snowflake Data Cloud in mind. The company’s strategic focuses are the migrations and modernizations of existing data platforms with a cloud-first strategy.

The company has devoted a lot of time to optimizing and establishing the best practices for modernization and migration projects on the Snowflake Data Cloud. Last year In516ht graduated to Premier partner level and its CEO Grega Jerkič received a nomination for the Snowflake EMEA PAC.

Mastering cloud migrations

In516ht has more than 15 years of experience in data management. The company has produced a proven migration methodology and developed innovative assets that help steer migration projects to a successful outcome. 

The company focuses on supporting the business goals of its clients with end-to-end preparation and migration of an organization’s resources to the cloud. Migrating existing data system from on-premises technology to a cloud environment can be risky, challenging, time-consuming and complex process, but In516ht can help to significantly shorten the time-to-cloud, using modern tools supporting data warehouse migrations. The company helps its customers re-imagine their existing analytical landscape and find data-driven solutions for the business of tomorrow.

Win-win business relationship

Receiving the title of EMEA Innovation Partner of the Year 2021 is a milestone in the IN516th’s business journey. “This award means a lot to our team as it is a huge accolade for our expertise and shows that all the extra time and effort spent creating the projects and building new solutions to automate the processes of migration and modernization to Snowflake Data Cloud are being recognized on the global level. While Snowflake is an exceptional solution, as  a CEO working with several global technology companies, it is the team and company culture that I have been most impressed with. Such professionalism with a human touch is a successful formula for a win-win business relationship.  I would also like to express my deep gratitude to all our clients for trusting us on their analytics journey as we would not be where we are without them.” said Grega Jerkič, In516ht’s CEO.

In the IT world, intellectual capital and the ability to share knowledge and cooperate on innovative initiatives is one of the key success factors. “We couldn’t have made it without the support of the amazing team at Snowflake, whose support never ceases to impress us.” said Klemen Logar, In516ht’s Head of Sales. “Even though Snowflake has grown exponentially, it has remained partner-centric; it is always there for us and open to our ideas and suggestions. It makes us proud to be able to contribute to the development of something as great as the Snowflake Data Cloud.” Partnering with the best in class technology vendors is one of the In516ht’s strategic pillars.