Don’t get caught with your power down: what you need to know about UPS

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Jul 14, 2021
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Few businesses can survive without the essential power aspect and depending on the nature and size of the business, thousands of dollars can be lost during power outages.

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Electricity is like air: it’s available pretty much everywhere, at any time. So much so, we take it for granted. Until suddenly it’s not, and its absence can be life threatening.

Electricity is essential when powering a critical life support system. But in many other situations its absence can be catastrophic. Few businesses can survive without the essential power aspect and depending on the nature and size of the business, thousands of dollars can be lost during power outages.  

Also, a sudden loss of power to an IT system can result in corrupt data, making restoration time consuming and challenging. Supply abnormalities such as voltages drops, surges and frequency shifts can damage sensitive equipment.

Organisations such as data centre operators, whose businesses are built on 24 x 7 availability, invest massively in backup generator capacity and technology to ensure there is no power loss, when grid power fails.

Organisations without such overarching demands for uninterrupted power supply can identify equipment for which continuous operation is critical and install uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) to power multiple systems, or ‘point solutions’: small portable UPS that will provide power to just a few pieces of critical equipment. These are also useful in medical environments to supply power when life support and other systems need to be transported with a patient.


A UPS can be used to protect sensitive equipment from frequency and voltage fluctuations and noise in mains power that can inhibit the operation of sensitive equipment, or damage it, and to provide power for equipment that needs to be mobile. However, the main requirement is to provide power in the event of failure of the mains supply.

ausgrid 2 AusGrid

These failures are surprisingly common. The figures left, from Ausgrid — the electricity supplier to 1.8 million customers on Australia’s East Coast — lists the duration of power outages and the number of customers impacted in just three days in late 2020, and it does not include those incidents that lasted less than five minutes, or impacted fewer than 50 customers.


Uptime Systems is Australia’s trusted expert supplier of UPS and IT products and services. We have partnered with Tripp Lite to bring you a wide range of products for applications from desktop to data centre, and we’re focused on providing unparalleled industry-leading value and product reliability to every corner of the globe.

Our philosophy is to support business continuity with solutions that we supply, install and maintain. We are fully committed to offering business partners and customers a turnkey solution including all related services.

Our services include UPS installation and preventative maintenance, post installation commissioning and on-site battery replacement.

We offer a comprehensive range of UPS for every application

  • Home/office/desktop
  • Computer/peripherals
  • Large network
  • Mission critical apps
  • Audio/video
  • Hospital/medical

Here are some examples of UPS products available from Uptime Systems:

Tripp Lite OMNIVSX-Series

This is a range of line interactive UPS systems that provide battery backup during brief power failures and allow time for graceful shutdown of equipment during longer outages. The UPS systems also adjust abnormal voltages to normal levels and protect equipment from power surges, spikes and line noise to help prevent damage, downtime and data loss. The OMNIVSX UPS is ideal for desktop PCs, Point of Sales Devices and CCTV Security Systems. 

Tripp Lite Medical-Grade UPS Systems

The SmartPro® hospital-grade UPS is fully compliant with UL 60601-1 regulations when plugged into a hospital-grade outlet. It is ideal for use in medical facilities, including patient care vicinities and is

designed to support either fixed or mobile medical equipment.  There are two models: a 700VA and a 1kVA version, each with six power outlets. The 700VA version provides up to 42 minutes of battery backup at half load and 18 minutes at full load. The 1kVA version 28 minutes of battery backup at half load and 10 minutes at full load. They are also available in Lithium battery options.

Tripp Lite’s SMX700HG UPS system keeps electronics and electrically powered hospital equipment safe and operational during power fluctuations. This 230V line-interactive UPS is IEC/EN 60601-1 compliant for safe usage in patient care vicinities. With a built-in isolation transformer and 340-joule AC surge suppression, it protects devices against dangerous power surges and spikes and keeps equipment working during short power outages.

Tripp Lite Portable Cooler designed specifically for IT applications

The SRXCOOL12KA is a portable evaporative cooler designed to provide cooling for IT equipment in the Data Centre, Closet, Server Room and Edge Environment and is perfect for addressing hot spots that existing cooling cannot reach. Perfect for use during HVAC or existing cooling breakdowns. Its portable design makes it easy to set up and operate. Its louvred vent and included flexible cold air tube for precision cooling make it a great value in any IT installation. Add the Optional Remote Management Accessory for 24/7 Monitoring and Control.


Whether supporting a single desktop PC, a home theatre or a rack of servers, UPS battery backup systems provide enough power to outlast most outages and can automatically shut down computers gracefully during extended blackouts. To find the perfect UPS for your equipment, please contact Uptime Systems.

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