AVM Cloud: Fostering a Strong Cloud Ecosystem in Malaysia

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Jul 08, 2021
Cloud ComputingIT Leadership

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With a lineage dating back to 2010, when it first began to offer cloud computing services, AVM Cloud Sdn Bhd (formerly Integrated Global Solutions Technologies Sdn Bhd) today is at the forefront of the growing and rapidly accelerating transition to a software-defined approach in Malaysia. We recently caught up with Kenny Lim Chief Technology Officer of AVM Cloud and a co-founder of Integrated Solutions Technologies, to learn what he sees driving the shift to the cloud, and what it means to be VMware Cloud Verified.

“Over the past decade we established ourselves and proved that we’re on par with the world’s leading cloud service providers,” says Lim “Today we have more than 200 corporate customers and more than 250 cloud tenants that utilize our private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions and services. And the appetite for the capabilities and cost savings the cloud makes possible is driving more growth than ever. It’s hard to believe that we began to deliver cloud services just over a decade ago, but that of course is a worldwide phenomenon. I think we can all remember a time just a few years ago when it was debated whether it was pertinent and proper to keep mission-critical data in the cloud. That is no longer a question.”

Acquired recently by fixed-line telecommunications leader TIME dotcom, AVM’s cloud menu includes everything the company’s customers – including financial services companies, restaurant chains, media companies, retailers, and government agencies – need to thrive in the cloud. This includes Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Backup and Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, a wide array of storage offerings, Containers-as-a-Service, and an extensive menu of professional and managed services, including those for artificial intelligence and data analytics.

Built on a VMware software stack, the company’s AVM Cloud is a robust private cloud that is offered in both multi-tenant and dedicated versions that integrate with the company’s public and hybrid cloud solutions. AVM Cloud also offers a “Cloud-in-a-Box” version of its private cloud that resides on customers’ premises.

“Three years ago the second largest bank in Malaysia deployed our Cloud-in-a-Box offering, while for other customers or workloads, our public or hybrid solutions are ideal,” says Lim “We remain flexible and constantly listen to each customer’s unique needs so we can provide the optimal solution for their IT requirements. For example, we just deployed the AVM Cloud for a customer that wanted to use it for the deep analytics needed to better understand its customers and to fine-tune its strategies for new competitive products. The use cases for the cloud are as diverse as the clients we serve.”

Lim notes that one common theme among all of AVM’s customers is a strong desire to lower their software and hardware costs, as well as the capital expenditure that was required to operate their own data centers. Importantly, he also stresses that this must be done while satisfying data sovereignty and performance requirements.  The company’s three data centers are located in Kuala Lumpur and Cyberjaya, all of which are Tier III-certified and offer low-latency performance throughout Malaysia and the surrounding region.

“Many organizations are reducing their internal tech refreshes and beginning to outsource their talents,” Lim adds. “In these times of uncertainty, organizations want to avoid long-term commitments that will dent their cash flows. Our solutions and services typically deliver savings or offset existing costs by providing our customers with additional capabilities while still using the proven and trusted VMware technologies they are accustomed to.”

AVM Cloud’s extensive relationship with VMware culminated in being awarded VMware’s Hybrid Cloud Provider of FY 2018.

“Being VMware Cloud Verified – and AVM’s IaaS and software-defined network are VMware Cloud Verified – is a source of pride for all of us, as is being one of the pioneering partners in Malaysia,” says Lim “With VMware, we also instill confidence in our customers. They know our products, solutions, and services are proven in mission-critical environments.” 

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