Putting Data to Work: How to Future-Proof Your Data Landscape

BrandPost By David Howell
Aug 19, 2021
Big Data

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Today every business can collect masses of data from multiple channels. The challenge is to manage the exponential growth of data generated and make it usable.

According to the Seagate-sponsored IDC report Data Age 2025: The Digitization of the World from Edge to Core, by 2025, the global datasphere will reach 175 zettabytes. To put this storage requirement in context, 50 million 20-terabyte hard drives are needed to store one zettabyte.

Ravi Naik, senior vice president, and CIO, Seagate Technology’s succinctly stated: “Every business is a data business.”

As businesses re-invent their digital transformation roadmaps in the wake of COVID-19, technologies such as distributed ledgers, Artificial Intelligence, Extended Reality (AR/VR), and Quantum computing all require efficient access to large-scale data storage to deliver benefits to a business.

At the same time, the problem of data gravity means the more data you hold, the more challenging it is to move it to where it needs to be, quickly.  Our recent Rethink Data report clearly illustrates that every business, no matter its size, needs a comprehensive data storage strategy.

The report explains that, over the next two years, enterprise data is projected to increase at a 42.2% annual growth rate. However, only 32% of data available to enterprises is put to work. The remaining 68% goes unleveraged. Data storage, access, management, and security are the four pillars of your data strategy, from data centers to remote mass workers.

With a comprehensive data storage and management strategy, your enterprise can innovate at speed, safe in the knowledge that data is a resource that can be stored and accessed at will. Developing a new data storage strategy is an imperative your business can’t ignore.

Lyve: A New Approach to Mass Data Storage

As the need to store massive datasets has grown, the cost and complexity of doing so have too. Through our Lyve Portfolio, Seagate can offer businesses cost-effective and custom-built solutions to deliver the data storage and management services your business needs at competitive costs.

At Seagate, we work with our customers on a whole range of on and off-prem storage solutions to help them keep costs under control. We also offer solutions across the full range of business needs, from edge to core, to help businesses move massive amounts of data without limits.

The data storage and management needs of individual enterprises are unique. With an array of high-density enclosures, hard drive capacities to meet every application, and system architectures to help your company build next-generation data storage services, Seagate is your data partner today and tomorrow.

Our Lyve mass storage platform enables businesses to manage massive amounts of both structured and unstructured data. Seagate data storage also supports the evolution of the networks your enterprise uses. And by embracing the edge where data moves closer to its source, Lyve resolves data gravity issues.

Importantly, using Seagate’s Lyve mass storage platform doesn’t lock you in to one vendor. Our vendor-agnostic approach is a guiding principle that ensures your business can connect and create data and compute ecosystems with ease. Data can move efficiently, securely, and seamlessly between access points and storage locations.

Your Data Future

The real-time collection and processing of large datasets is the foundation onto which smart cities, autonomous vehicles, advanced healthcare, and intelligent manufacturing are all being built. All these innovations rely on a foundation of reliable and secure data in motion.

As businesses re-build their digital transformation roadmaps in the wake of COVID-19, data management is a central component of that strategy. A detailed data strategy is essential whether you’re working in telecoms, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, or entertainment. Seagate can provide the hardware and software tools your enterprise needs to safely navigate this new world of data-centric innovation.

“Take a look at our data-driven world,” comments Dave Mosley, CEO, Seagate Systems. “Data is growing, and the rate of growth is accelerating. More data is created per hour now than in an entire year just two decades ago. All that data represents incredible potential for businesses.”

And the future looks bright for data storage and management. Seagate’s recently shipped 20TB HAMR drive is the culmination of extensive work in this regard. But ultimately, it’s a stepping-stone for moving onto bigger and better storage – HAMR technology will enable us to reach 30TB, 40TB, and 50TB in the first half of this decade. 

How data can be stored and then harnessed is a call to action, Seagate has continued to pioneer. As the cloud has become a critical environment for enterprises, developing hybrid, IT approaches that include secure, robust, and agile data storage is vital to da your business’s data assets.

Learn more about how your business can instantly transform data storage and management to future-proof your enterprise.