Adobe Experience Cloud Improves Patient Experiences in Healthcare

BrandPost By Aaron Goldberg
Aug 10, 2021
IT Leadership

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The healthcare sector, as well as the entire life sciences industry, is increasing its focus on the patient experience. Healthcare organizations see this as a way to improve outcomes, but they also are responding to the expectations consumers now have after experiencing better digital interactions elsewhere.

This initiative is important for caregivers, pharmacists, life science companies, and payor/payments organizations because better digital systems make it possible to become a trusted advisor. This is essential in healthcare, where it is the foundation of the patient-provider relationship.

Adobe Experience Cloud for Healthcare Delivers Critical Benefits and Services

Adobe has invested in creating the customizations and specific capabilities that are necessary to address the unique needs of CX in healthcare, starting with supporting the compliance demands of HIPAA. HIPAA-ready applications available from Adobe include Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Connect as managed services, Adobe Marketo Engage, Adobe Sign, and Adobe Workfront. Next year, Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Real-time Customer Data Platform and Adobe Journey Optimizer will also be HIPAA-ready. They form the foundation for a connected and modern patient experience. These Adobe products give healthcare organizations fewer worries about patient information being used in non-compliant ways. This solution already meets security, privacy, and data utilization requirements for the industry.

Another important part of the Adobe offering is the company’s strong and deep relationships with key service providers, including Accenture, Deloitte, Microsoft, and Veeva. This enables healthcare organizations to deliver better CX more rapidly and with greater success. And leading healthcare organizations such as Mercy Health, Pfizer, Roche Diagnostics, and Change Healthcare are already using Adobe Experience Cloud.

The Adobe platform improves the patient experience with consistent data collection, data-driven decisioning, and simplification of common administrative tasks patients must complete. It provides a holistic view of patients that is consistent through the many points of contact along their healthcare journey.

The combination of the advanced features of the Adobe Experience Cloud platform and the capabilities that make it simpler to use while ensuring compliance improves the experience for both users and providers. Leveraging a purpose-built platform reduces the time and resources necessary to deliver the cohesive, personalized, compliant, and connected patient journey that is the goal. The experiences of other vertical industries have already proved that deploying these digital systems focused on CX delivers outsized benefits. Now it is possible for organizations that have the highest impact on our lives, healthcare providers, to join in.

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