The next step in education: Thai University adopts smart solutions to cope with the New Normal

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Aug 08, 2021
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Thai University adopts smart solutions to cope with the New Normal which requires to boost their digitalization, and ability to collaborate through ICT technologies to reduce face-to-face interaction

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Given the current situation, many industries around the world, including Thailand, have to transform their operations and collaboration processes in order to cope with the “New Normal”, which requires every organization to boost their digitalization, and ability to collaborate through ICT technologies to reduce face-to-face interaction. Thai education is one of the sectors that has shifted to online learning, in response to the ongoing circumstances.

However, the acts of teaching and learning remotely via video calls can be quite inefficient comparing to in-class learning for certain subjects which require a practical learning process. Thus, some institutions have to integrate “smart solutions” into their curriculums, to improve the effectiveness of the remote online learning experience. One of the latest examples is the Krirk University which, in partnership with Huawei Technologies (Thailand), has made Huawei IdeaHub available as a smart solution to help elevate the remote learning experience.

Putting practical learning up front for more than half a century

Founded by Dr. Krirk Mangkhlaphrik in 1952, Krirk University is one of the most reputable private universities in Thailand. With the aim to promote practical knowledge to prepare its students for real-life work, the university is known for many of its well-respected faculties and colleges, including Faculty of Business Administration, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Law, International College, Political Communication College and China International Language and Culture College.

With the goal to strengthen students’ skills to meet new demands for the modern workforce, Krirk University has partnered with several distinguished higher education institutions in the country and worldwide, to create a strong knowledge sharing network that benefits both students and society. It has a long-term mission to always be one step ahead through its well-thought-out courses that can be applied to the transforming world.

Bridging educational gap with intelligent remote learning experience

Under its smart campus initiative, Krirk University aims to develop effective online learning courses without compromising quality. The university offers a wide range of online courses for both undergraduate and graduate students through its high-quality e-learning platform. To create an engaging online academic experience, the university sought an integrated solution that could enhance productivity and quality of its e-learning programs as well as facilitate smooth collaborations among lecturers and students. 

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Huawei IdeaHub elevates learning to the next level

When it came to develop an innovative learning environment, Krirk University saw in Huawei the ideal partner. The tech company is recognized as a world’s leading ICT provider and has long been at the forefront of advanced 5G technology development. Taking into account the university’s requirements to build a Smart Campus that supports remote education, Huawei proposed an ideal solution for smart education, the Huawei IdeaHub, with the aim to boost learning efficiency and innovative thinking anywhere, anytime.

Huawei IdeaHub is an intelligent device that helps campuses around the world transform collaborative e-learning. The product combines great functions such as an interactive whiteboard and a high-definition video conferencing. This first of its kind co-working device makes learning more real, fun and innovative. Brainstorming is also made easier with wireless sharing, automatic transfer of notes and presentations as well as intelligent writing recognition. Thanks to its 5G support, lecturers and students can engage in an immersive face-to-face communication and collaborate in real time, ensuring each student can stay focused and motivated in class.

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Online learning opens doors to education for everyone

Huawei IdeaHub is transforming education in physical and online classrooms by providing a smarter and more productive learning experience. Its unique features make learning more creative and enjoyable, delighting both students and lecturers. The device can support Krirk University’s future plan to establish a new Learning Center Network in Thailand, providing avid learners across the country with practical online courses in different fields.

Huawei IdeaHub is utilized as an important tool to support the students’ learning process, reflecting Krirk University’s vision to become a “Smart University.” The institution has already launched online learning curriculums, and has ensured that teachers, students, and online classes are well-prepared. Huawei IdeaHub has become an important teacher assistant, rendering online classes more convenient, reducing learning gaps, and even allowing Krirk University to easily expand with new branches.

Huawei IdeaHub’s features are also remarkable in encouraging collaboration between teachers and students, a crucial element of the learning experience. The solution comes with a 4K camera, microphone that enhances the sound quality, intelligent handwriting recognition (via pen or direct touch), and convenient file sharing feature.

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“Integrating data, learning methods and advanced technology in one smart device, the IdeaHub is a real game changer for smart education in the digital era. Lecturers and students can now create an interactive classroom, even when they are miles apart. With this intelligent tool, we can quickly set up a learning center from anywhere, promoting easier access to high quality education for all,” highlighted Dr. Krasae Chanawongse, President of Krirk University.

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