Delivering Customer Independence Through the API Economy

BrandPost By Lou Powell
Sep 08, 2021
IT Leadership

Why you should become a dynamic enterprise

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Once again, the world is in flux as we emerge from the pandemic, navigating the new normal of a hybrid workforce. This phase has signaled opportunities to return to pre-pandemic customer habits and preferences with increased options and choices. A strong retail sales forecast is already well under way due to robust market fundamentals and pent-up demand. The customer journey, or a brand’s end-user experience, is being upended once more. Despite the forced digital dependence prompted by the lockdown, this next chapter aims to establish end-user autonomy through customized digital and in-person experiences. Collectively, these experiences foster independence, which leverages the API economy much more profoundly than ever before.

The value of a dynamic enterprise

So, what does this mean for 100-year-old legacy enterprises that have spent most of the pandemic experimenting with new ways to reimagine and accelerate digital transformation? Many leaders are left grappling with whether there will be a regression of customer adoption of digital channels as hybrid experiences become the standard for success. To thrive in this new reality, enterprises must be willing to translate their digital experiences seamlessly into their in-person customer connections and vice versa. These experiences should be designed cohesively to keep pace with evolving end-user preferences and motivations. More than ever, developers must engineer beyond the linear trajectory of end user experiences and attempt to capture limitless possibilities with API ecosystem strategies.

This tectonic shift in the way customers invest in digital experiences reaffirms the value of the dynamic enterprise—an adaptable organization that can quickly respond to changes in technology and developer expectations. Dynamic enterprises are inherently structured to appreciate developer independence and hybrid experiences, having delivered digital transformations for the past several years and, in particular, the last 20 months.

However, dynamic enterprises cannot ignore the demand for integrated end user independence throughout their journey at the risk of digital channel abandonment. And there’s no question that today’s customer places premium value on autonomy and choice, especially having just emerged from quarantine.

It’s no coincidence that the proliferation of customer-first experiences leads to better business outcomes. And while this influx of options may appear like an initial abandonment or decline of digital channel adoption, it’s actually an opportunity for enterprises to design their in-person connections with a more consistent experience. The value of independence is the common thread that’s woven between customer attraction and retention, and it will be critical for developers to design pioneering experiences moving forward. 

How brands can achieve customer independence

Democratization is the foundation of any strong API strategy. This translates to an expansion of options for customers, which empowers them to customize, control and chart the path forward. In the API economy, productized APIs deliver simple, flexible, intuitive, and secure experiences that achieve true developer independence. But productized APIs can only be achieved through democratization, which creates greater access to in-demand capabilities. This means every developer has access to core business capabilities they need without having to go through gatekeepers. Democratized cultures innovate faster to meet developer needs and priorities. Developers do not have to build something new if preexisting solutions are available and ready to use, and this enables rapid adaptation, execution and delivery. Through democratization, dynamic enterprises remain efficient, agile and flexible, because they are able to extend capabilities at speed to satisfy emerging business needs.

Democratization also creates direct customer experiences with accelerated, innovative and secure solutions. In other words, the hallmark of a robust API program, if working correctly, is end user independence achieved through deliberate democratization. The full circle of independence starts with the dynamic enterprise, which then empowers developers to engineer autonomous end-user experiences.

Democratization leads to developer independence, which drives faster business outcomes. Exceptional, self-evident developer experiences will differentiate brands and enterprises in the next normal. Learn more about how PK builds dimensional and comprehensive developer independent journeys at