Could It Be the Best Customer Experience in the Storage Industry?

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Sep 15, 2021
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Establishing Customer Experience Best Practices to Create Value in the Storage Industry - What is your Organization Doing to Foster an Excellent Experience?

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 By: Catherine Vlaeminck, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Infinidat

An analysis of the user reviews of Infinidat on the Gartner Peer Insights website has revealed a theme that is repeatedly mentioned but often overlooked: the importance of the customer experience. It’s not just the features and functionality of InfiniBox® customers love. It’s also the experience that Infinidat creates for them.

Value is created when the enterprise buyer achieves high product quality and trusts the solution provider to provide an excellent experience. When this occurs, users are quick to share their positive feedback.

At Infinidat, we set out to deliver the best customer experience in the storage industry. We provide dedicated resources to make sure every customer gets the absolute best support and service throughout the lifecycle of the Infinidat system — from installation to configuration and operation, including all updates and upgrades. Remarkably, Infinidat has been recognized as a leader in top-rated enterprise customer feedback for three consecutive years.

Infinidat takes a proactive approach to customer support. Every Infinidat solution includes the services of a dedicated Technical Advisor (TA) at no additional cost. The TA, who is always an experienced storage engineer, serves as a single technical point of contact, engages early and often in the solution lifecycle, leverages proactive dashboards to analyze trends across the customer infrastructure, and acts as a trusted advisor.

We provide a new level of ease of use large incumbents cannot emulate, thanks to deep learning capabilities. We improve operational efficiency and solve issues before they have a significant impact on customers. Fact: Infinidat’s reliability is rock-solid.

The four dimensions to the Infinidat customer experience people love are reflected across a myriad of verified, user-generated reviews. The following is a sampling publicly available on the Gartner Peer Insights website.

Proactive communication and support: A number of customers mentioned in their reviews of Infinidat how they appreciate the proactive approach that Infinidat takes to communicate.

A CIO in the public sector described Infinidat in this way: “Great service, fast response times, high serviceability, provide proactive maintenance and support. In general, very pleasant to work with all of the team members…”

Ease of management / simplicity: Consistently, user feedback provides InfiniBox is easy to set up, easy to manage, and easy to use. A winning combination.

“Setup and configuration were a breeze with their white glove service,” added a senior engineer from a retail enterprise.

Operational efficiency: Infinidat has created an experience that leverages automation to unlock resources. We also offer flexible consumption models, ranging from traditional capital purchase of the entire system to capacity-on-demand options and true all-inclusive subscriptions with pay-as-you-go up/down scalability.

A systems architect at an educational organization with thousands of employees posted, “We have moved over our entire Enterprise Storage Ecosystems to Infinidat and consolidated from multiple platforms, vendors and solutions. The Solution provides easy to provision, manage and scale storage for both file and block. This will help reduce our operational overhead and free up our Team to focus on more strategic efforts beyond managing storage infrastructure.”

Reliability: When a customer calls Infinidat, we listen, we learn, and we solve the issue. You do not need to deal with a third-party call center of customer service agents. With Infinidat’s advanced support on the frontlines, you speak directly to a qualified, Level 3 Service Engineer who understands the immediacy of your issue.

A senior infrastructure consultant at a multi-billion-dollar company wrote, “…when it comes to Infinidat, it looks as if nothing is impossible … Support is one of the best areas….”

A director of technical product management at a multi-billion-dollar company wrote, “The overall experience with Infinidat has been a great one. The sales process was easy. The staff were eager to help and make sure that we were successful. The product worked as advertised. Support has also been seamless.”

The ultimate outcome of these four keys to a positive customer experience is trust. Our brand promise is to continue to earn it every single day. Every Infinidat employee, channel partner, and technology partner in our ever-expanding ecosystem play a role to make it happen. This trust makes it an easier choice for enterprise buyers to choose Infinidat.

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About Catherine Vlaeminck

Catherine Vlaeminck is Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Infinidat. She has led marketing functions for data storage and data management leaders for the past decade, steadily gaining an increasing range of responsibilities in various marketing leadership roles. Prior to joining Infinidat, she worked at CommVault and, before that, she worked for years at Fujitsu.