Leveraging AI to Optimize Customer Experience

BrandPost By Aaron Goldberg
Sep 21, 2021
IT Leadership

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are fundamentally changing how customer experiences (CX) are built and delivered to customers, and Adobe is at the forefront of this trend. The company has long been a pioneer in delivering intelligent enhancements to its solutions. Its AI and ML technology, Adobe Sensei, has been integrated into various Adobe applications but can also be used independently to help brands succeed.

Currently, 80% of Adobe Experience Cloud customers are using its AI and ML capabilities, largely because of Adobe’s approach to delivering intelligence. Because Sensei-powered capabilities are built into Adobe enterprise applications, marketers and developers can use AI out of the box easily and seamlessly. In addition, intelligent capabilities that are built on the Adobe Experience Platform can be accessed as AI-as-a-Service. With a goal of making the power of AI and ML available to all, Adobe has made its Sensei-powered capabilities easily manageable to marketers, content strategists, business analysts, developers, and IT.

The key is to make the AI capabilities powerful but easy to use.

“The biggest challenges organizations face with AI are to identify the best use cases and then set up, implement, and manage the algorithms and data feeds appropriately,” says Gerry Murray, research director, marketing and sales technology, at IDC. “Adobe simplifies these challenges by embedding AI and ML capabilities via Adobe Sensei into Experience Cloud applications, enabling marketers and data scientists to quickly design and deliver compelling customer experiences that learn from and adapt to customer behavior over time.”

Brands that have tapped Adobe’s AI and ML capabilities have improved many aspects of their CX. Their personalization efforts are more individualized, and they can proactively manage the customer journey in real-time. In addition, Sensei-powered analytics improve decision making and give organizations far more insight than was possible just 12 months ago.

One of the newer uses of AI and ML technology is to make more intelligent choices about how to allocate marketing budgets. Budgets can be hit-or-miss guesswork when they are drawn up using legacy approaches driven by history and limited data. By leveraging Sensei, Adobe is introducing Marketing Mix Modeling capability that allows brands to forecast and optimize budgets for online and offline channels more effectively. And AI doesn’t just improve the regular budgeting process; it also focuses spend to meet specific business objectives. To deliver even more benefit, this solution can be combined with Adobe’s Attribution AI service, which allows marketers to quantify historical performance.

Adobe is a leader in AI and ML for marketers today because it understood early on that this technology is the best way to cope with the increasing complexity of marketing decisions, the dramatic expansion in the amount of data that supports those decisions, and the shorter time frames for making them. The company has invested to integrate AI and ML into its products and provide the technology for custom use cases. It all adds up to the right tools to meet the challenges of marketing today and into the future.

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