NxtGen: Working With a Keen Focus on How Today’s Actions Will Impact Tomorrow

BrandPost By Ken Phillips
Sep 29, 2021
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“We are proud to . . . help our customers and partners reduce their carbon footprint – together building a digitally savvy, progressive, and self-reliant economy.”

 A S Rajgopal, CEO, NxtGen

NxtGen is a fast-growing provider of data center and cloud services for organizations in the Middle East and South Asia. With dual headquarters in Bengaluru, India, and Singapore, the company has a deep commitment to sustainable business practices, having committed to put the foundational elements in place needed to use clean, renewable energy sources across all of its facilities by 2025.

We recently caught up with CEO A S Rajgopal to learn more about NxtGen, its efforts to reduce energy usage, and the company’s investments in solar and wind power. We also took the opportunity to learn more about the core values powering NxtGen’s sustainability efforts.

“Since NxtGen’s inception in 2012, our mission has been to help our customers grow by delivering the IT infrastructure they need while reducing the costs and complexities associated with it,” says Rajgopal. “We believe truly efficient technology saves time, energy, and money. We want our customers to only pay for what they use, and we strive to configure the best solution to fit their needs.”

With a track record of success serving more than 1,000 organizations, the company’s portfolio is extensive – encompassing a wide range of cloud solutions and services, among them Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Backup-as-a-Service, and managed security services. NxtGen also offers a full range of private, public, and hybrid cloud offerings. Rajgopal believes they will ultimately support NxtGen’s efforts to help create sustainable operations and reduce customers’ emissions.

“The adoption of cloud technologies by enterprises will place a significant role in reducing the use of energy on a global scale,” he says. “A recent forecast by IDC shows that the adoption of cloud computing could prevent the emission of more than 1 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide by 2024. It is also believed that organizations in India that migrate from on-premises data centers to the cloud can reduce their carbon footprint by nearly 80%. That’s why it’s so important that India’s vibrant startup ecosystem is already pioneering low-carbon solutions and that enterprises, the public sector, and policy makers make sustainability a critical factor in their cloud migration decisions.”

Data centers designed to be carbon neutral

NxtGen’s own data centers reflect this vision. Rajgopal notes that the company designed them from the ground up to be carbon neutral. Each uses energy efficient servers that can more effectively manage power capacity, optimize cooling, and increase server utilization rates. LED lighting is used throughout all facilities, and green power sources minimize the consumption of traditional sources of electricity at NxtGen’s data centers.

“The solar energy installation on the rooftop of our Bengaluru data center consists of 1,044 solution panels across an area of 35,000 square feet,” says. “In the past year they generated 319,060 kWh, which will help reduce carbon levels by 575,447 kg per year over the next 25 years. We have also invested heavily in wind power, with the combined savings enabling NxtGen to offer services that are competitively priced and eco-friendly with a near-zero carbon footprint.”

NxtGen’s efforts to reduce emissions and encourage sustainable, earth-friendly practices also extend beyond the application of technology. Five years ago, the company funded the planting of 5,000 saplings throughout India. It also celebrated Green Diwali in collaboration with the SankalpTaru Foundation, a non-profit that develops reforestation and conservation projects.

“We have embedded the ideal of being frugal with power consumption deep into our culture at NxtGen,” Rajgopal adds. “The impact that today’s actions will have on tomorrow is top-of-mind in everything we do. We are proud to be Asia’s first VMware Zero Carbon Committed partner and to help our customers and partners reduce their carbon footprint – together building a digitally savvy, progressive, and self-reliant economy. Our focus is to provide ultra-efficient, rapidly deployable, and sustainable data center solutions that enable customers to scale easily and efficiently as their businesses grow while supporting a clean energy future.”

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